Monday, September 19, 2011


Connie Francis - Among my Souvenirs

Feeling a little melancholy this morning as is a dear sweet friend who sent me this lovely piece.

Often memories and souvenirs are all we have left of those we love and I hope this brings some sort of consolation to those whose hearts are sore and whose journey is a troubled one.

You're My Guest in Thought

Once a day, and sometimes more,
You knock upon my daydream door,
And I say warmly, "come right in
I'm glad you're here with me again!"
Then we sit down and have a chat,
Recalling this, discussing that,
Until some task that I must do
Forces me away from you ….
Reluctantly I say good-bye,
Smiling with a little sigh,
For though my daydreams bring you near
I wish that you were really here …
But what reality can't change
My dreams and wishes can arrange,
And through my wishing you'll be brought
To me each day, a guest in thought.

©  Mary Dawson Hughes

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

That is so lovely, and a lovely thing to receive from a friend.
Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Lovely sharing! Janis