Monday, September 19, 2011

Julie Andrews - I Have Confidence (Sound of Music.)

Good Morning and welcome to Monday and many of you will be groaning that it is back to work, back to school or back to study.  There will be those of you for whom it is just another routine day.  It may be the start of a week of changes, or something you are not looking forward to.

For me it is another precious day in my life - the sun is up, the birds are singing and all is well - and I am off to TQEH for blood tests preparatory to Thursday's hospital visit.  I would be less than honest if I said it didn't bother me - it does - I don't like it all, but I accept that it is part of my life and the medical routine every six months and I will go off to it with good grace and it isn't a big price to pay for living.
It is the anesthetic I don't like - the feeling of being out of control and also the feeling that everything is going well, so why do it.  I know full well the reason is that the stent will be messy and need changing and I have to accept that this is how my life is - it is LIFE. 

What unpleasant things are on your agenda this week? No doubt there are things for many of you and I wish you strength and courage to face your week.  It may be the Dentist or an exam that you haven't studied well for.  Whatever it is you have to face or wherever you have to go - you do not go alone.  Friends and family care for you and will support you and I have confidence in you that you will overcome your fears and all will be well.

I have done all the routine things that I like to do before I go off to hospital - cleaned out the fridge and put lots of things away - I will change the linen on the bed on Thursday morning before I leave so that it is fresh and sweet to come home to.
I will put the linen through the washing machine and hang it out before I leave and will perhaps need some help to bring it in but that isn't a problem.  I will try to do my shopping on Wednesday so that it is done, but I need only ask and there would be many to help me.  I am fiercely independent  (my elder daughter calls it stubborn) but I know when its time to ask for help.

I am off to the hairdresser on Tuesday morning so will look rather swish when I go into hospital and not quite so swish when I come home, but at least it will be tidy.

Several of my on line friends have been in hospital recently and have managed very well - I hope I can handle it with as much dignity as they did.

Spring weather here in Adelaide is running true to form with Mother Nature being her typical fickle self - a few warm and very pleasant days and now back to cooler days and quite cold nights.

Wherever you are and whatever is planned for your week I wish you peace of mind and heart and send my loving care your way and thank you for visiting and reading "the Musings from My Heart".

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I have confidence in you.

Love and hugs,

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Danielle said...

Love this. "I have confidence in you" is exactly what I needed to hear/read. You have such a positive attitude. Thank you for your friendship and support on my own blog.

P.S. Stay away from those hospital eggies. Gross!