Sunday, September 18, 2011


Welcome to Sunday in my little corner of the world and welcome to a new look for The Musings from my Heart - Spring time and I thought it was time for a face lift.  (Well a face lift for the Blog at least.)   Some bright blue flowers to welcome each spring day for a while.

It is a very quiet Sunday morning - birds singing, sun shining and the promise of a lovely day - daughter no., 2 was going to visit this morning but she has an awful head cold and will stay away from me.  Makes me sad, but proud of her for thinking of me and my virtually non existent immune system.   She has to fly to Melbourne this afternoon for her work - hoping the pressure in the cabin doesn't do too much damage.

Come away with me ..............not literally of course, but how nice it is to "come away" for a little while into that place where all things lovely reside.

Where do you go to find some peace and solitude and what sort of things do you think of, what music do you play?

It doesn't take much for me to take myself away to a field of green with a carpet of bright yellow daffodils and a cold spring wind blowing down the hillside.
For a little while at least I can walk the Welsh hills and drink in their beauty and listen to lovely Welsh music, while my face is cold and the wind blows through my hair.

There are lots of places I can take myself to - and many times I did this during long and sleepless nights in hospital.  I would think of the things I like and enjoy.  Some of the things I would think about are:

rain on an tin room while I am warm in bed
the smell of newly mown grass
the velvet touch of a rose petal
new babies - their skin and their lovely baby smell
being warm inside in winter with a hot chocolate
baking bread
freshly ground coffee
the voices of friends
a walk by the river as the autumn leaves fall
the first buds of spring
kicking through autumn leaves
walking in the rain
the beach in winter
frost on the grass
holidays away
Christmas and all it's sparkle and glitter
the smell of a warm horse
purring kittens

and oh so many more things that would take me away to a safe, calm and peaceful place.  

Take the time when stress surrounds you to "come away" and rest a while, find peace and calm in your own little piece of paradise.  I have a lovely coffee on my desk, music on (listening to Enya singing "How Can I Keep from Singing" and God is in His Heaven and all is well for me.  Just looked around an my cat is sleeping peacefully on a chair nearby - a very nice feeling.

Come away with me and find some sweet release and thank you for visiting and reading the musings from my heart.

Love and hugs,

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