Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dido - Sand in My Shoes

A beautiful spring day here in Adelaide and a warm wind blowing which means that as it is Saturday lots of people have taken the opportunity to walk on the beach and just enjoy.

After shopping I drove along the sea front and saw children playing in the water and the squeals of delight were wonderful to hear (I imagine that water is still very very cold.

It took me back in memory to days when as I child I would spend many hours on the beach with family and my cousin and I would build sand cars and then bury each other in the sand.  I remember the buckets and spades and collecting shells to adorn our sand castles. We were as free as air and had not a care in the world apart from sand in our shoes as we made our way home.  They were good days and memory still serves me well.

It got me thinking of my swimming costume - and boy was that uncomfortable - shirred elastic in both directions leaving little bubbles that would fill with sand.  I recall the games we would play.  The whole family taking part in a game of cricket and I still have no idea whose bright idea it was to use the bag with the Vacuum Flasks in for stumps. 
Yes, you guessed it someone threw a ball at the stumps and got someone out and smashed the flasks.  

Memory is very funny and the things we often remember are not the important things - they are the things which filled our childhood days with joy and laughter.  I don't have any relatives in Adelaide with whom I can reminisce but when I talk by phone with my cousin we often laugh as we remember those times.

I hope you have lots of lovely memories to carry you through your days - childhood, simple things which bring joy and that when your clan gathers, you can laugh together as you recall.

Enjoy your weekend and find something to do that will feed your soul and bring you pleasure, leaving happy memories.  I found a new shop today that has wonderful craft things in it and spent a lot of time there.    While there I was pleased to note that Christmas is arriving slowly and wonderfully and the shelves are being stocked with all sorts of wonderful tinsel and tinkling things.

Have a wonderful time and thank you for taking the time to visit "The Musings from My Heart"  and I wish you nights of peaceful slumber and days with sunshine and flowers.

Love and hugs,

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