Monday, September 26, 2011


Rod Stewart - Rhythm of My Heart

(Rod Stewart - be still my beating heart !)

(Shared in celebration of the safe return of PFC Ryan Hallgarth - grandson of my dear friend Cheryl - Ryan has just come home from Iraq after a tour of duty.
Hoping and praying that all the boys from every nation will be home soon, and praying for their continued safety.

Good Morning and welcome to Adelaide where spring is in full flight - and very changeable.  Yesterday the sky was crystal clear and today there are clouds and it is quite windy - tomorrow supposed to be warm and rainy.  

Today is just another Monday and back into what I call routine - which really is no routine at all and it is a great life.

It really was lovely seeing my family working together and we will all be together next Saturday to watch the Australian Football League Grand Final (not that I am interested - I usually read a book) but I love us all being together.
I have cooking to do for lunch and it will be good to see the rest of them cheering and booing as the game proceeds.

I am very blessed indeed to be alive and able to enjoy these times - they are very special.  I am blessed too as I watch my girls get on with their lives in a very positive and productive way.   They lead such busy lives and I am sure there is happiness for them.

Well news on the "Barn" is that three corners are anchored and a little glitch with the fourth one, but it is secure enough that it will not end up blowing around.   There are four bags of potting mix on the roof of it to make sure it does not take off - better safe than sorry and this is a good thing because those spring winds are getting up again.

All very domestic things - but part of an ordinary life and ordinary is fine with me.   Back to crossword puzzles today to keep my mind sharp and I love those times when my mind is challenged.  I have numerous dictionaries and word books to help and of course "Google" if it all gets too hard, but then I am a "Google Girl".

Enjoy whatever your day brings forth, find some sunny spot and take a coffee outside and feel the warmth.  I did that yesterday - me and my book and my lunch and a couple of hours were lost while I traveled Sweden reading Jo Nesbo's  "the Snowman".

Next Monday is back to the routine of blood tests and I hope it is easier this time as I had dreadful bruising from last Monday and my arm is still sore and black, then Thursday 6th. October is ERCP day.

I hope you can find joy in the routine and ordinary things of life and that Monday is a good day for you.  Thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,

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