Sunday, September 25, 2011


Judy Small - How Many Times
(Judy Small is an Australian Folk Singer with a beautiful voice.

"How many times has she told her tale to strangers
Met by chance on buses or in cafes over tea
How many times has she delighted in exchanges
With people who were friends for those few moments of her day."

Good Morning and it is truly a beautiful morning here in Adelaide - calm and a clear blue sky with beautiful sunshine.  Yes I have been fiddling again with the blog and as this set has a hint of Christmas and is pink - it seems to be working for the moment.  I guess there will be more changes closer to Christmas.

Yesterday was a busy and long day, but it was a beautiful day - cold with just a sprinkle of rain.

We as a family erected a garden shed or as Naomi said we had a"Barn raising" and it was lovely for me to see them work together, joke and laugh.  They worked very well and it was a good family time.  I was the general help - fetching when I could and organizing lunch.

It was fish and chips for lunch with quiches for the vegetarians - and I was the person who went to the shop to buy them.   It was a big order and took a while to cook and I sat and waited and somehow slipped into conversation with another lady who was waiting.  

We became "friends" for those few moments of our day - her hair was very short and silver grey and as the story unfolded I learned that she was a victim of breast cancer and her hair was just growing back  We shared our stories - me with my liver transplant and her with her breast cancer journey .  I learned so much of the pain and the sickness and how aggressive her cancer is - and yet I learned of the hope in her heart.   We shared so very much - she is just a few months older than me and discussed the value of each day, not sweating the small stuff and living life to the full - being present to every moment of every day.
I will not forget her nor the time we spent - it was precious.

Well, the "Barn Raising" went very well and it was all hands on deck - lots of laughter, jokes and a feeling of companionship.  Some are better than others are doing this sort of thing.   Alexis is the "Ikea" put things together kid who can interpret the instructions better than most.  Nick and Naomi were very enthusiastic and Rebecca learned to use a rivet gun.  We ran out of light and today will see the anchoring of the shed to the ground so it doesn't end up in Georgia in a strong wind.  (Like the lake in "Fried Green Tomatoes".

Three heads better than one.

A rubber mallet works wonders

The Boss of the Board

Rebecca lying down on the job

It wasn't a hold up but she was holding up the wall.

Almost there

Nick up the ladder.

So there you have an abbreviated pictorial record of yesterday's activities - it was fun and took longer than it should have but it is done and will be very useful.

I am off to enjoy my day today - but first heading for the shower and then another coffee and then back to work.  Thanks for visiting and for reading the "Musings from My Heart" - a happy heart.

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

So glad you met a new stranger.
That barn raising sure looks like fun, what a fabulous family event.