Sunday, September 11, 2011


This describes my feelings in the weeks following the 9/11 events and how I found some peace and learned to come to terms with it all.

This beautiful rose is named 'FIREFIGHTER'  to honour those Firefighters who perished on September 11.
You Raise me Up - Josh Groban


Written for John

We live in uncertain days and times that bring fear
To those of us who want to keep our families near.
We want to hold them close and keep them calm
And want to promise them there will be no harm.

We cannot promise security and peace
Days in the sun – joys that will not cease.
We can only promise to love a little more
To try to make them feel a little more secure.

Emotions are raw, pain is very real
Fear you can almost taste – certainly feel.
To be a support to them first I must find
Some sense of this – must clear my mind.

Had a conversation with the one who knows me best,
Someone who accepts me and all the rest
Of the complications of being me
One who will be there and help me to see.

A calm and analytical mind
Sorting it out – this I knew I would find.
A practical manner, a heart that is fair
All of the things I knew would be there.

So after my tears were wiped and were gone
He assured me that we all must go on
In the most normal of ways
And try to bring sense to all of our days.

He understood my fear and helped me talk it out,
Understood what my fears were all about.
Scared for my daughters and the life ahead
They are his daughters too – he shares the dread.

So together we talked and I somehow knew 
The things that face me, and what I must do.
 I know that when it all gets too much for me to bear
I can call on him and he will be there.

He will tease and cajole and make me bite back;
Indeed he will get me back on the right track.
I had somehow forgotten that it was okay to be weak~
Okay to talk and some guidance to seek.

I learned so much in a few short hours, 
About taking some time and smelling the flowers.
Taking a nap when my body says slow 
Seeing things that I really should know.

These are lessons of life and lessons well learned
I found the reassurance for which I had yearned.
The courage and faith to be strong again
I had learned to share and let go of my pain.

I sought advice from the man who knew me at sixteen, 
Who has seen all the years in between.
Knows my pacifist nature – that I would not fight,
He helped me to see so many things right.

He knows my politics, ethics and the passions I share
Talks with me, laughs with me ~ really does care.
Is honest with me – clears my mind – improves my view
And for yesterday and so many things I say “Thank you”

© Linda J .Vaughan
October 2001

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