Monday, September 12, 2011


Firefighter Rose.
Bette Midler - The Rose

Welcome to Monday in my little corner of the world and it is with relief that I am able to report that the observations in American for September 11 were without incident and it was truly a time when everyone could take time aside to recall their loved ones.

It has always been of interest to me the way that roses are named for special people and occasions and there are three garden called "Remember Me" - one in New York, one in Washington and the third in Pennsylvania.

I have enjoyed browsing this site and taking note of the names of the roses planted:

The Roses planted there are:

Firefighter Rose
Soaring Spirits
We Salute You
Forty Heroes
Patriot's Dream
The Finest
Flight 77 Rose
Survivor's Rose
Wings of Courage

Please take time to visit the site and view images of these roses, all of which have meaning and if it is your intention to plant a rose or two, consider these beautiful roses.

I planted a rose called " City of Adelaide" to commemorate the life of a very public figure in Adelaide, who was a dear friend of mine.  He worked very hard for this City and is often mentioned.

There is always a rose with a name of meaning - visit the Rose Growers, look at books and make some phone calls and then your garden will bloom with meaningful memories.

I have had a lovely day - I received a birthday gift from a friend - a most beautiful book " A Traveler's Christmas" which will be cherished.  This birthday is an on going event - there was another card in the mail today from England.

I hope you have had a good day and that there have been sweet and beautiful memories for you and that you have been able to make some memories too.  

I wish you a lovely day if your day is just arriving and for those for whom it is nighttime I wish you a sweet and peaceful sleep.

Take special care and take time the smell the roses.

Love and hugs,


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