Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A lovely version of "Count your Blessings"

Welcome to Wednesday and yes indeed I am counting - each day, each week and each month - counting how blessed I am to be alive and well.

Good afternoon from a strange sunny/cloudy/warm/cold day here in Adelaide - but it is spring and Mother Nature can be quite fickle in springtime.

Some of those weeks were a struggle and certainly a challenge but certainly have left me with that glad to be alive feeling.

We count so many things in our lives and use the word "count" often in conversation 

"Count me in",  Count on me"  are two phrases that come to mind and when it comes to life 'COUNT ME IN' and I long to be a reliable friend and say you can 'COUNT ON ME'

Mail is in today and a parcel of beads has arrived - lovely pink ones and I am looking forward to making a necklace with those.  I am slowly gathering all the bits and pieces and by summer when hot days will keep me inside by the air conditioner I should be ready, willing and able to do lots of craft things.  That's the plan anyway.

I have rather a large collection of books on my 'TO BE READ' shelf and my plan is also to work my way through those.  I have had a purge and got rid of so many that I know I shall not read again, but since my birthday my collection is growing again.  I guess you can count on the fact that I will have to go through them again some time in the future.  I have also gathered a collection of DVDs that I shall save for summer days.

I spent my winter going through "THE WEST WING' again and winter nights with Toby, C.J. Charlie and Josh were warm and pleasant.  I really enjoyed that.

I spent time on the phone to both my daughters yesterday and they have such busy lives with work and study. Just so long as they are happy is fine with me - and they are.

I have sent an email to a very dear and long time friend today in response to an letter from her.   It is wonderful to receive newsy letters and to share the lives of friends through the verbal pictures they paint.  This friend was Bridesmaid at my wedding and actually does paint and send me a piece of her work and I am in awe of such talent.  For me if I draw a fish I have to write "fish" so that people will know what it is.  Jo - your work is great and I admire you.

Roast lamb and all the trimmings for dinner tonight, so I best get organized.   Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope there is some sunshine in your heart and that you are safe and happy.   To those of you with little ones - cherish each day because they grown far too quickly - almost want to spray them with some form of freeze to keep them at their lovely little best.  For those whose children have grown like mine - cherish the friends they have become and enjoy seeing them enjoy their lives.

Take care and I thank you for visiting and reading the "Musings from My Heart"

Love and hugs,

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