Monday, October 24, 2011


Perry Como - The Days of Wine and Roses

It's Monday in my little corner of the world and here it is mid afternoon on a cloudy and very cool spring day.  A busy morning this morning with a trip to Flinders to the Dental Unit.  The traffic was manic and for a while there it was "just another manic Monday" - I was early for my appointment and was thanked for being so.

All is well with my Dental care, but because of the Stevens Johnson they are keeping me on their books and not sending me back to my Dentist.  It was a lovely appointment and I watched the x-rays develop and discussed all sorts of new technologies with the Dentist.   I picked up some more medication and we had coffee in the Coffee Shop - it was a good appointment and I left there feeling at peace with the way things are going.   

I now have to wait to hear from the Dermatology Unit regarding the medications I have been prescribed but not taken.  

I seem to be locked into a system of appointments, clinics and schedules - all for my own good and I value the care I am given .   I am thankful.

"The days of wine and roses" are different for me now - there is no wine, but there are roses and there are memories too that nothing and no-one can take from me.  I am glad I have the memories and I continue to make memories in my life.

I have an early morning drive to the Airport with a friend who is flying to Perth for birthday celebrations with a cousin - 05.00 leaving here - so I will be home for coffee and breakfast.  I was scheduled for a Wednesday morning trip to the airport too for my daughter, but her arrangements have been changed.

There are lots of other things to be done this week including birthday gifts for my daughter for Friday - and I really don't have any great ideas - have got some things but want to add to them.

Birthdays are very special and I like to make the girls feel special too - their births were very important to me and the days are special for me too.

I have some decorations to make for Christmas and table centres to do too - lots of things buzzing through my head  and having trouble settling and I have no idea why.  I really do need to write things down and then cross them off as they are completed - that's me Queen of the list makers.

I always carry a notepad and pen and the list I make for shopping generally gets left behind on the desk - but most times I remember the things I need.  I need to have a tidy up on my desk and then get the lists done and then do the things on the lists - I am procrastinating as I always do if I have an early appointment - I just never seem to get in the swing of things.  At this time of year my head is too full of all the lovely things around me and all that I need to do and all that I want to do.

I hope your planning for Christmas is going well and that you at least feel organized even if chaos reigns for you.  I know I will be ready and will enjoy it all, but right now there is much to be done.

Enjoy your lovely Monday and your days of wine and roses and thank you for calling by to read "The Musings from My Heart.,

Love and hugs,

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