Sunday, October 23, 2011


Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees.

"Your local rock group down the streetIs trying hard to learn this songTo serenade the weekend squireJust came out to mow his lawn
Another Pleasant Valley SundayCharcoal burnin' everywhereRows of houses that are all the sameAnd no one seems to care
See Mrs. Gray she's proud todayBecause her roses are in bloomAnd Mr. Green he's so sereneHe's got a TV in every room
Another Pleasant Valley SundayHere in status symbol landMothers complain about how hard life isAnd the kids just don't understand
Creature comfort goals they only numb my soulAnd make it hard for me to seeMy thoughts all seem to stray to places far awayI need a change of scenery".
Good Morning and welcome to Sunday in my little corner of the world and I thought of this song as so many of the things mentioned in it are happening right now where I live.   Brandon who lives two doors down is practicing his music, barbeques are burning,  and food is  cooking, my lawns have been mown and my roses are blooming.   It is indeed a Pleasant Valley Sunday. The smells of summer are surrounding me today and although I am not a summer girl I do like some summer things.

It has been sunny, but now overcast and it looks as through the promised rain is on the way.  It is later in the day now - didn't finish this post earlier.   I had friends here for lunch and it was lovely to have a taste of summer with cold chicken, salads and cold drinks.   The salads were full of lovely fresh and crisp things and included avocados.  It was nice and now all is quiet here again and I shall finish this post that then try to achieve something with some craft things.

For some of you the day will not be as pleasant because of cares and worries and I hope you can find peace as you anxiously wait for news.  For those who are working - my thoughts are with you as you are away from your loved ones and I hope that those you are working with are pleasant and companionable.

Nine weeks today and it will be Christmas day - I have much finish for the day and much to enjoy doing - people are starting to realize that the days are moving quickly and I sense panic in some hearts.  Take time to enjoy all your preparations and when the day comes I hope that your hearts are filled with joy as you celebrate "the Most wonderful time of the year" with those you love.

I guess the weeks are getting busy too - I start this week with a Dental Appointment at Flinders at 09.00 so an early start for me - Monday traffic will be frantic.   Friday is my elder daughter's birthday and as the nights are lighter and the weather warmer she has chosen to have a barbeque - so that is something to look forward to.

We had dinner last night with the country group of the family - and i was delighted to be greeted so warmly by the children and shown all the latest tricks etc.   

Grace will indeed be able to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

Grace with tongue between teeth.
Henry smiling - as usual.
I hope your weekend is as pleasant as mine has been and that the coming week brings you new adventures and an awareness of just how blessed your life is and the things you have to be thankful for

Take care as you travel your journey and find joy in the little things.    Thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart."

Love and hugs from a pleasant suburban Sunday and me.


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