Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dionne Warwick - Trains, Boats and Planes

Good Morning and welcome to Ruby Tuesday - the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  It is cool but warmer than it was at five this morning when I was on the road.

I took a friend to the Airport and the roads were quiet and peaceful - and we saw a beautiful crescent moon in a diamond studded sky - it was really special to be out and above and able to do the Airport run once again.  I didn't park the car but just dropped Ilona off and then it wasn't calm or quiet - at the drop off point chaos reigned supreme with people parking at silly angles and others just stopping in the middle of the road.  We found a spot and Ilona was on her way.   Happy Trails to you my friend - enjoy Perth and your time with your family.

They are doing alternations at the Airport (and almost everywhere else) and there are cranes and workmen everywhere and the exit from the airport is very different now - the road out took me much further west.  So many changes, buildings and new roads.  I love the Airport and love to watch the planes come and go and have very often been the driver for many people.   Ilona and I discussed this morning that we had made this trip many times.

I am very fortunate where I live - I have access to the CBD by car or bus and only about a 20 minute journey, I am close to Outer Harbour and just a few miles from the Airport.  I have access to hospitals, schools, shopping centres and administrative facilities.   I love my City of Churches on the banks of Lake Torrens and no other City in the world could give me more.   Others could equal it but none could give me more with access to the beach and the hills.  It is Home Sweet Home to me.

Adelaide is built on a "grid system" with the CBD being surrounded by four terraces and Adelaide University, The Central Library and the Museum and Art Gallery are all on the northern side of North Terrace along with our War Memorial.  Our Cathedral is north of the CBD.

That huge link will show you the map of the City of Adelaide CBD.

I rarely go into the City centre because I have everything close at hand near home, but there are a few things that are only available in the City - our Central Market (fruits/cheeses/bread/meat/vegetables) is a very popular place for shoppers particularly on Friday evening and that is in the CBD - it is a hive of activity on Market Days and the smells are wonderful, the crowd busy and the coffee shops doing a roaring trade.

Read all about our Market and take a virtual tour - sorry I can't provide the crowd, the bustle or the lovely market smells.  All the information you could ever wish to know about our Market is on that page.   Enjoy !!

When we live in a place we grow accustomed to everything and we forget how magical it can be - I was reminded of this on the first Anniversary of my Transplant when my family took me out to lunch and most of them were working and we had to do something central.   We had lunch at the Museum and it was wonderful - we were captivated once again by the things we have seen so often.  It was wonderful to hear the girls talking about their School time experiences of the Egyptian Room - and nothing has changed there either.

Our Zoo is on the outskirts of the City and very popular and we have entertainment centres and now very tall buildings. 

We are a City of fountains (but most got turned off during the drought) and the view of Adelaide City lights from the Hills at night is spectacular.  Windy Point is a very romantic spot and often used for proposals and engagements - mine included. 

This is the view from Windy Point.

I hope you have enjoyed my ramble about my much loved City - and that it prompts you to rediscover where you live, to visit again places you have forgotten in your busy life style.  This all began with an early morning trip to the Airport.

I hope that you rediscover lots of little things on your journey too and find joy and happiness as you travel on and I thank you for visiting "The Musings from My Heart"

Love and hugs,

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