Saturday, October 15, 2011


You've Got a Friend - James Taylor and Carole King.

Good Morning and no sunshine in my fair city this morning, but I do have sunshine and smiles in my heart.
We are forecast for rain and I have a busy "beading day" - and I am excited about it and will be off as soon as I finishing this post.

I had my regular appointment at Flinders yesterday afternoon, and as always I took my book with me - this time the current and very new Lee Child - The Affair.

As normal - appointments were running late and I got some reading done.   The gentleman sitting next to me was also reading and after some time he spoke to me - about Lee Child and the "Reacher" series - he too was a "Reacher Creature" and we spent a long time discussing the books.  Conversation was wonderful and after I while I asked was he the patient or was it his wife.   Conversation flowed freely and openly - Molly was the patient and 11 years out from a liver transplant in Birmingham, England.  Mike and I talked during her appointment and tried to put the world to right.
We discussed so much in a short time - travel, doctors, world affairs, the economy etc. etc. 

Molly and I shared concerns and condition similarities and then it was time for my appointment - it was a lovely time meeting this lovely couple who are here from England and living with their daughter.  They were friends I met for just a few moments of my day/life.  Lovely people who brought a smile and some joy to my day.

So reading books can open many doors, - this time a shared interest in an author gave me a very special time. I hope that our paths cross again and that we can pick up the conversation, correct the errors that world leaders have made, change the governments of the world and share the joys of reading and be supportive of each other.

It was a special time and my appointment went well - a decrease in some medication and an addition of two other tablets.   I always feel uneasy when medication is changed, but will take the step in faith and trust that all will be well.

My Transplant Coordination, Nicole, was able to let me know that her presentation of my case and journey, at a conference had gone very well and that lots of people were absolutely stunned at the journey I had taken and delighted at my recovery.  I am delighted to help - awareness of transplant conditions and Stevens Johnson Syndrome is always a good thing and I was pleased to help.

I am off shortly to my class and taking a nice lunch and hoping to enjoy my day - I hope you enjoy your Saturday however you spend it - find joy in all that you do and see.

Today is White Cane Day in Australia and it makes me very aware of the gift of sight.  My Mother was blind in her mid life and days like today when awareness is brought forward, make me thankful for all the support there is for people who are vision impaired.

Take the time to enjoy your gift of sight and to see the true beauty out there in our world.

Thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings from my Heart" - a contented heart this morning.

Love and hugs,

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shabbypinkchick said...

Wonderful post Linda. I count myself among those delighted at your recovery. Perhaps thankful might be a good word also.