Saturday, October 8, 2011


Red River Valley - Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaaks

Good Afternoon - sorry I missed posting yesterday -  very foggy head and slept on and off all day, but I am back and feeling so much better.   The weather today is cool, cloudy and at times sunny and we are promised rain tomorrow.

I have been playing lots of music today and the piece that has caught my attention is Red River Valley and I have shared it with you.  I really like this piece and in a wistful and melancholy way it reminds me of those who come and go from our lives.   We all have people who are leaving our Red River Valley - those who leave for good and those who must just leave for a while and these departures all have an effect on us.  I have several people I miss in my Valley - no doubt you do too and I try to find comfort in the things they liked and the things we shared when they were here.

The lovely things about those who leave for a little while is that we live in an age where communication is just so easy and sharing of information and photographs is instant, and one person who changed the world during his life time is The Late Steve Jobs.  His work at Apple changed the world for us forever - with iMac, iPad, iPhone - made communication so much easier and portable.

This image with Steve's profile as the bite out of the apple is a wonderful representation of his life and this man had a wonderful philosophy on life and did not travel an easy road at times.   He was a two time liver transplant recipient and was a strong advocate for organ donation.   Vale Steve Jobs - fly free you will not be forgotten.

My visit and stay at hospital made me very aware of the skill and wonder of the second chance I have been given at life - I was nursed beautifully by very special people and treated very well indeed.

I have had messages to catch up on and finally think I am getting there - several friends who were waiting their transplant have received their gift and others are struggling with rejection issues.  Little McKenzie is so happy to be at home and is walking again and Big McKenzie is going home after months in isolation following a Bone Marrow Transplant.  So, there is change all over the world and people like Steve Jobs have made it possible for us to have access to this information instantly in real time.

I hope whatever you are doing in your Red River Valley that there is peace and calm and that you are able to spend some of this Saturday with those you love, doing the things you enjoy.

Maybe some of you have loved ones coming home to the Valley for a visit and I rejoice with you in the celebrations you will have and wish you fun and laughter.

I have bills to pay, letters and emails to write and I do this with a thankful heart that I can do it all from the comfort of my desk - have a great weekend and thanks for visiting to read the "Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,


Katrina said...

Dammit, knew I shouldn't have listened to this....this was a very special song to me....and a very special song to a friend of now reminds me of the lost friendship due to someone's interfering.....wound is still deep and it still hurts....they were my go to person when things were hard and down....the person I could sit with and have a cuppa and just be myself with....that has all been lost...yes I cried...but maybe that's a good thing....maybe I need to listen to it more to get it out of my system

PeggyLee Hanson said...

One of my old favorite songs, too.
Musings from my Heart has fast become a favorite read ;-)