Sunday, October 9, 2011


A beautiful handbag holder - special gift.
That's What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick and friends

Good Morning and welcome to Sunday morning in my little corner of the world - all is peaceful and calm and I am a little sleepy after a night out with friends.  The weather here is cool and the paths are a little damp which indicates we have had rain overnight and we are forecast for more rain today - a good day to be inside, quite and catch up on some sleep or rest.

Last evening we had a girls night out to celebrate Ilona's birthday - Happy Birthday Ms. Swann, and her choice was a beautiful Chinese Restaurant at Glenelg.  "Lim's" has been operating for many years and has maintained the wonderful standard over all that time.  Pleasant staff, beautifully cooked and presented foods, laughter and fun.

We girls "The Famous Five" had a lovely evening and pictured above is a handbag holder that sits on the side of the table and holds a handbag - it wasn't my birthday but I received this lovely gift from Dianne (we all received one.) 
I was thoroughly spoiled all evening - Karen drove and picked me up and dropped me back at home.  

In the car driving to the restaurant Narelle gave me a beautiful bracelet (pictured below) - just for and because it is pink and I was quite overwhelmed.

Food was wonderful - steamed dim sims, satay, prawns, pork, salt and pepper chicken, and beautiful fried rice.  All washed down with a bottle of white wine from the Limestone Coast of South Australia and tonic water for me.
Dessert consisted of fried ice cream for me and of course a fortune cookie.

Half way through dinner I heard my name called and turned and was greeted with a lovely hug and welcome from Monnie - my hairdresser whose sister now runs the restaurant and Monnie was helping out.  She was delighted to see me and it really made my day to be greeted and welcomed so warmly. I was very pleased to meet her family and I felt very special.

Ilona was served her dessert with a sparkler burning in it and lovely music of course playing Happy Birthday - and then presented with a bottle of sparkling white wine.  She was so excited.  It was lovely to share laughter and friendship.

The "Famous Five" is a very diverse group of women friends from very different backgrounds who find common ground and celebrate life together.  We share lots of common interests and yet are so different - Karen is a golfer and Accountant, Narelle works in Finance and Dianne works in a separate department of the same Government Department as Narelle.  Ilona volunteers at Mary Potter Hospice and is very good at what she does.   I worked in Community Support until my transplant.  I am the only Mother in the group and we share movie afternoons, dinners, laughter and love.  Dianne gives the best hugs in the world and her smile lights up the room.  I am blessed indeed to be part of this group.

Ilona and I share the same love of books and exchange books often and Narelle and I do beading together.  Visits to the Garden Centre are great with this group.  The Birthday girl makes the best potato salad in the world.

We are all different and yet we mesh together so well - and define the true meaning of friendship.

Today Karen is golfing (what else would a girl do on a Sunday?)   I am resting and the other three are having an "in house" movie day watching the series of the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire, and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest." based on the Steig Larson Books.

I value the support these girls have given me - they are constantly aware that sometimes I just can't do things and they just accept it - "come when you can and leave when you must" is their philosophy and these are friendships I will always cherish.  I often feel eyes watching me to check that I am okay.

I hope that you are blessed to have a special friendship with a group or an individual - cherish the friendship, accept them with their faults and failures and nurture and nourish the friendship.    The older I get the more I value my women friends.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
- Anais Nin

I am thankful that these four friends arrived in my world and I hope you can share the joy of friendship as you spend your Sunday.

Take care - thanks for visiting and reading the "Musings from my Heart" - your visits are special to me.,

Love and hugs,

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Whimsicalnotions said...

so beutifully written and so true i myself have friends like this that i value truly.I may pinch your quote and wite a post on friends too.So glad you have these friends to share lifes journey with and have nights such as you just describe.