Monday, October 10, 2011


Sesame Street Theme song

It is late afternoon in Adelaide and it is indeed a sunny day and I can't believe it is as late as it is.   I have spent the morning in Sesame Street, riding Thomas the Tank Engine, watching Playschool and Giggle and Hoot.

The country kids are in town and needed someone to watch them while Mum and Dad kept an appointment and I was the lucky one who got to do this.   We have been singing, dancing, skipping, laughing, drawing and watching more television than I have seen in months.   I have been listening to stories and handing out slices of cheese, bananas and sorting what is truth and what is fiction about the number of biscuits they are allowed to have.    

Grace and Henry were pure magic to care for and it was lovely to go back and count with The Count, dance with Big Bird and to listen to Grace's interpretation of Rapunzel (think she has a few things mixed up there).  I felt very privileged to have them all to myself for a whole morning.  We played "golf" too and of course the rules are made up as we go along.

I had some difficult explaining to Henry that I am not Melinda (that's his Mummy) and that I am just Linda - not sure he was convinced at all.

I found it delightful to go back to childhood and see things innocently and to laugh at silly things.  Grace is at the "joke" stage and has a big book of silly jokes - nothing has changed over the years at all they are still as corny and still bring as much fun to the one telling the joke.

I love the way they so innocently tell of the things that happen at home - and the silly things Papa Ray does.  They have Ray all figured out and can string him along very well.

It was a delightful way to spend a morning - a morning which would not have otherwise been defined as a school day or school holiday.  They are off to spend the night with Grandma Crawford on Wednesday and are very excited about that.

I did enjoy the simple care free hours of their childhood - when a lost texta cap is the biggest problem in their world  When wet grass is a delight and not a problem and windy days just mean kite flying.

Grace went to the trouble of telling me that she had lost her front teeth (blatantly obvious to anyone looking) and I had to act surprised.

I think sometimes we become so busy that we don't take the time out to take ourselves back to childhood again - I did today and it was great.

If you are lucky enough to have little children in your life - slow down and take things at their speed and see things through their eyes.  Share the magic of hot chocolate and marshmallows with them.  Listen to the stories they tell and hear the laughter ring.  I don't see these two very often so it was novelty all around for all of us.

Grace invited me to stay for lunch and had to have a bread roll with sesame seeds on it like mine - Oh the simple joys of childhood days.

I shall cherish this morning in memory and look forward to another appointment day when I may be needed to watch them for a while.  I am glad I took the time to play, laugh and listen with them.

Love and hugs and thanks for visiting "The Musings from My Heart".

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