Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Rick Astley - Hold me in Your Arms

Good Afternoon on Ruby Tuesday and I hope there have been gems and jewels in your day and that the sun has shone for you.  It is has been a very cool day in Adelaide and a busy one for me - well at least a busy morning.

It started off with the dreaded blood test and it wasn't any better than it usually is - but we finally managed on the fourth attempt to draw blood from the back of my right hand.  I came home looking dramatic with four dressings on.

I met lovely people in the waiting room and managed to do some reading - and we got what we needed so it was a good event.  Then it was shopping, post office, Pharmacy for medication.   I also made a visit to the Optometrist who gave me the sad news that my favourite pink glasses were beyond repair.   I dropped them on the bathroom floor and while moving around looking for them I stepped on them.   Sad news because I liked them and I also liked having a pair to wear with pink.   I shall go back to where I bought them and see if they have another frame and see if the lenses can be changed over.

I collected a "green waste" bin from my local Council for kitchen scraps placed in special bags and these can go in the green waste bin for composting.  After doing some shopping I came home very tired.   

I have to go out again tomorrow this time for a cordless telephone for my bedroom and to return a kitchen blender because of a Manufacturer's recall. I will have parcels to post, stamps to purchase and make a visit to the Bank.  Seems there are lots of errands to be done.

I was very cold this afternoon so took my book and sat in the car for a while -I got very hot and went to sleep and woke up feeling very groggy but I was no longer cold.

Some lovely wisdom from Pooh Bear again today and I am thankful for the people who live in my heart forever and whose memory stirs my soul.  I think of the things they said and did and how loved I felt and how special they made me feel.  Pooh Bear is right they do stay there forever.

I have medications to sort out now and some letters to write and once again the sun will set on my day and it will be time to rest.  It has been an ordinary day - and how thankful I am for those ordinary days.  I remember oh so clearly when I wept for them, pleased for them and called out for them.   Now I welcome them - busy, ordinary, shopping type days - I relish them.

I hope there is some contentment in your heart and that your day is filled with ruby red gems and pearls of wisdom from the likes of Pooh Bear.   Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read the "Musings from my Heart."
Call back soon - I value your visits.,

Love and hugs,

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