Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautiful - © John Rutter

I woke this morning to a sunny day - a bright and beautiful day - Wednesday mid week and 93 weeks for me post transplant.   I was up before daylight and watched the moon for a little while and was filled with wonder at the stars so bright in my sky.  I took coffee outside and just sat and enjoyed the velvet darkness and the diamonds in my sky.

It occurred to me that it was bright and beautiful and I thought of this Sunday School hymn and I share it with you in the hope that it evokes memory for you and gives you an increased awareness of the beauty all around you.

I had a busy morning - I got to the bank and post office and also some shopping.  I got a new telephone for the bedroom and was glad to come home and sort through my spoils.  I had collected two parcels from the Post Office - one was some beads I had bought on line and the other was a package from USA with Donate Life wrist bands and Donate Life badges in it.  There is a puzzle here because I cannot read the name of the person who sent these so I have no idea who my gift angel was.  Whoever you are, if you are reading this - you will know who you are and please also know that I am very grateful for the gift.  Very grateful to be thought of in this way.

Today is 93 weeks since my transplant and I am very aware of the time that has passed for me and I think of my Donor family because for them it represents an anniversary of a very different kind. I hope that the grief they are feeling at their loss is somehow eased by knowing how well I am doing and how grateful I am.

Christmas has arrived in our shopping centres and it all looks very pretty - bright coloured lights and pretty things - I bought a little tiny ceramic Christmas tree for my desk.   I know I don't need it - but it is a Christmas tree and will fit very well with the rest of my Christmas forest.

It stands 6 inches high and will sit on my desk.

I bought the special ornaments for the girls for Christmas and they are tucked away as surprises.  Gold, Silver and Purple this time and very pretty - and I also bought a kit for Grace and Henry to make signs for their bedroom doors to remind Santa to "Please stop here".  I will mail it up to them and I am sure from all the glittery stars and bits and pieces in the packet, that their Mother is going to "love it".

Wednesday often means dinner out for us and tonight we are having dinner at "The Jolly Miller" hotel and I am looking forward to it.   It is a basic hotel, but the staff are lovely and the meals are cheap and great.

All in all today has been a good day for me - a day not without concern - a friend's daughter is expecting twins and it is important that these baby girls stay where they are for as long as they can - but Mum is not doing so well with pain and the threat of imminent delivery.  Each day they stay in utero is a bonus because they have the opportunity to grow a bit more.   One of the babies is bigger than the other and they are kicking and fighting for space.  (Guessing that's just the start of the kicking and fighting.

Another friend is extremely concerned about her adult son but feels it is time for him to stand on his own feet - of course she is so worried and confused, as he doesn't seem to want to do this.

I hope you do indeed have a bright and beautiful Wednesday and that you can see the beauty all around you.

Thanks for visiting and reading the Musings from My Heart.

Love and hugs,

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Diane said...

Hi and good morning! I dont always post but you know Im out there, you amaze me with all your delightful bloggs.. I love your little tree I am getting into the christmas tree mind set as well. And cruzing around some of the amazing bloggs out there have a happy healthy week.

Hugs Diane Louise