Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Enya - Hope has a Place

Good Morning and welcome to a wet wet Wednesday in the beautiful corner of the world where I live - and "live" is the operative word there.  I have reached 92 weeks post transplant and continue my journey with hope and anticipation.
There are times when I "wobble" a little and right now is one of them - always a little uneasy before a hospital procedure but keeping the faith and getting on with what has to be done.

This song is a firm favourite of mine and I often listen in the car, at my PC or as I try to drift off to sleep.  Enjoy it and enjoy the lyrics.  Enya brings lots of pleasure to my days.

"One look at love
and you may see
it weaves a web
over mystery,
all ravelled threads
can rend apart
for hope has a place in the lover's heart.
 Hope has a place in a lover's heart

Whispering world,
A sigh of sighs,
The ebb and the flow
of the ocean tides,
One breath, one word
may end or may start
a hope in a place of the lover's heart,
 Hope has a place in a lover's heart.

Look to love
you may dream,
and if it should leave
then give it wings.
But if such a love
is meant to be;
 Hope is home, and the heart is free.

Under the heavens
we journey far,
on roads of life
we're the wanderers,
So let love rise,
so let love depart,
let hope have a place in the lover's heart
 Hope has a place in the lover's heart.

Look to love
and you may dream,
and if it should leave
then give it wings.
But if such a love
is meant to be;
 Hope is home, and the heart is free.
 Hope is home, and the heart is free."

I have highlighted the verse most special to me - and I hope that as you journey on the roads of life there is hope in your heart - nurture it, nourish it and keep it there,  it will serve you well as you travel under the heavens.

I have just a few things I wish to finish before I go off to hospital tomorrow - I waited yesterday for another phone call to tell me I had been "bumped" from the list again - but it didn't come so for me it is onward and upward.  They are just the sort of things that will make life easier for my family should I be forced to stay at Flinders.

The rain here in Adelaide has just fallen gently and steadily all night - the sort of rain ideal for just walking in - no wind and not too heavy.  I love that sort of rain - it's when the wind howls and roars and drives it in all directions that I get "twitchy".

I will try to post here before I leave early in the morning - but if that doesn't happen "watch this space" as I will be back here tip tapping out the daily "Musings from my Heart".

I am glad you have visited and wish you a safe and wonderful journey as you travel the roads of life.

Love and hugs,

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Katrina said...

Glad to hear you haven't been bumped from the list and hope all goes well......the weather is ever changing....beautiful day in Adelaide yesterday....cloudy on way home but no rain....but apparently 50km north of us it's rained most of the early hours and is still's just dull here.....may your day be a successful one