Sunday, October 2, 2011


John Denver - Back Home Again

Good Morning from Adelaide - my home City and Good Morning from my home - I have been thinking and I know that is dangerous at times - but it will be okay.

I have been thinking of my journey - the bends and bumps on the road and the challengers presented to me and how that now I am on a much smoother road, I can think of those challenges from the safety of "being at home".  Yes I mean literally at home, but I also mean "being at home" with myself.

My email signature sign off is:

"Take a moment to appreciate where you are now in your life....and feel gratitude for the sense of being "at home". 
After a very long spell in hospital it was indeed wonderful to be "at Home" and apart from a few days in New South Wales and several nights back in hospital - that's where I have been all the time and I love being here - where I am accepted and can do the things I want to do at my own time.

Being "At Home" with myself means far more than this - it means taking a good look at myself and seeing what and who I am and liking me - and I do - I like the caring and compassionate soul I see when I look in the mirror.  Picture perfect - no I'm not with an asymmetrical face and body, hair with a mind of it's own, skin which is functional but not decorative, and lumps and bumps all over.  I see past these things - to the core of my being and I am content that I am doing the best I can.

My daily mantra in life is to be a little kinder and to be thankful in all things - and it's working for me - why don't you try it?  Be more positive, practice random acts of kindness, watch the sunrise/sunset. smell the roses and just feed your soul. Listen to music, read a book and offer a helping hand and/or smile to a stranger.
Find joy in the little things.

Today the weather is beautiful - sun shine, clear blue sky and a much more gentle wind blowing - I have laundry drying in the breeze and I am thankful for enough clothes so that I don't have to do laundry every day and for the joy of seeing my washing drying in the breeze.

A much more quiet day for me than yesterday - no bruises from the blood test and family off doing their own things today - some have gone to the football (I can't believe after all they watched yesterday that they could possibly want to watch more), some are taking the day quietly.  I have plans to read a little this afternoon in a sunny corner of the garden if I can keep out of the cold breeze.  I have my medications to make up, and some things to get ready for my hospital visit this coming Thursday - but all in all it is going to be a quite at home and at home with myself day.

I love the John Denver song listed at the top of this post because for me "Hey, it's good to be back home again".

I hope you are at home with yourself and comfortable with your being and your life - you are special. you are loved and you are unique.  Let your inner light shine- let people see the real you and enjoy your Sunday wherever you are and whatever you have to do.

So from my home to yours, from my heart to yours - I send love and hugs and thanks for visiting "The Musings from my Heart" - a contemplative heart this morning.

Enjoy your journey!


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