Friday, November 18, 2011


My friend Lynne's twin granddaughters 

Welcome to my World - Jim Reeves

Good afternoon and welcome to my world little girls - not posting your names until your Mummy and Daddy are certain of their choice.   These little girls were born this afternoon and this is their first photograph a very short time after their delivery.

Much later:  Adding a little to this Post with the names of the girls:

Ivy May. 6lb 13oz 46 cm long born at 14.07

Piper Rose 5lb 11oz. 46cm long born at 14.08

It has been a difficult pregnancy and there are many tears of joy and relief - blessings abound for you little ladies.
May the tides of life carry you gently and storms leave you safe in their wake.

I am sure you will bring much joy and laughter to your family and be a cause of constant shopping for Grandma who will be delighted.   Congratulations one and all.

Today in Adelaide has been hot hot hot - and the clouds are gathering and I think there is a storm on the way and with a cooler wind I hope.   My beautiful weeping rose has crisps instead of petals from the north wind but this is Australia and almost summer and there is nothing we can do about the heat.

I had a big find today - while looking for something else I found the two USB drives I had misplaced some six months ago - funny I remember putting them there now for safety.   I had given up and thought they were lost and gone forever like Darling Clementine - but not so.

It has been a quiet day and I love those quiet days - a day of sharing photographs with a friend feeling special to be included.   It really doesn't take much to make a person's day - at the shops this morning a lady in the line up remarked about my necklace and earrings and it brought a smile to my day.  Another one of those times where we were friends for just a few moments of our day.

I am slowly cruising up to the weekend and there are not many plans apart from dinner with the Golden Girls (a group of friends also known as The Famous Five) at a hotel near the beach and I am looking forward to perhaps being able to watch the sunset over the ocean - maybe a walk on the beach after dinner could happen - it would be nice.  It is a long time since I walked the shoreline and felt sand between my toes.  In fact it would be almost three years and although I have often sat and watched the rise and fall of the tide - a walk is something else.  I hope it happens - I will let you know.

Time for medications for me and time for me to move on from here - I hope that you are well and enjoying life and take each opportunity to live life to the full, to be kind and generous with your thoughts and deeds.

I hope your weekend turns out to be beautiful - spent with those you love.   I guess lots of you will be Christmas Shopping - enjoy the tinsel and tinkling bells, the music and the hustle and bustle.  It really is a special time  ~ The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Be sure to tell those you love and you do love them - don't leave it too late for we no not how long we have them with us or indeed what the future holds for any of us.   Today is all we have - make it special and share the love.

Love and hugs,

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