Monday, November 28, 2011


I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Good evening - I am late posting today because I have been busy - it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my home and today I have been decorating, moving things around and listening to Christmas music and usually at about this time of year it all kicks in for me and I start to really be excited.   I love this song and it makes me realize that Christmas is on the way and how how special it will be.

There are many other things I would prefer for Christmas than a Hippopotamus and even then I have all that I need - not all I would like or want.

I have a forest of Christmas trees and the one I decorated today is my my Friendship and Memory Tree and on the top of this sits a beautiful star which for the second year has adorned my tree.  It was bought to honour and remember the man who gave me the gift of life.

For today I just hung the star for a long time before I added the many decorations I have received over the years ~  From Our House to Yours in 2003 from Columbus, Indiana - a beautiful Angel from Kentucky, a little crystal train from a little boy who loved trains.  And Angel made from a beer can (my daughter bought me that) and several decorations from Alexis and other friends.  A ceramic teapot and names woven with beads from a friend in New South Wales.    All of these are treasures and nestle comfortably under the beautiful star.

I have enjoyed spending time quietly reflecting on just how blessed I am to have been given this wonderful gift.
I don't forget - I owe my life to a very special man.

I have been fiddling with all things glitter and really shone during my shopping trip this morning ~ Rose at the Post Office said I was shining today.  

My family are coming home for dinner on Wednesday and to decorate the family tree - I shall love that and will take photographs and cherish the time.

Apart from that I have spent time talking with friends both on the telephone and on line - I am blessed indeed to have a group of great friends who care for me and want to spend time with me.   There is a movie on the horizon next weekend - some of the "Golden Girls" - others are away on holiday and I shall enjoy that - a movie and ice cream - nice way to spend time.  We may do dinner afterwards - early yet to decided.

I have had some wonderful times sharing music, poetry and deep and meaningful topics and it stirs my soul to share these times with someone special enough to indulge my "wild erratic fancy"  it is wonderful to share Australian Verse with an American who truly enjoys it too.  I had to be very careful there that I typed "erratic" and not another similar word.  

It's been hot in my little corner of the world today but I have stayed inside most of the day - there is thunder about and the sky is grey and there is rain forecast for tomorrow.   We certainly do live in a land of weather changes - a wild and lavish land.

I hope that Christmas is wrapping itself gently around you like a warm blanket and that you are able to enjoy it all.
- take time with your children - revisit your own childhood and memories - share them with your own little family - in all of this festive season, take time to be kind and gentle with each other and be happy.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

If I keep eating the way I'm eating, I will be a "hippo" at christmas....Lovely post my dear!