Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sunday Morning by the River
Judy Collins singing Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"

Welcome to Sunday morning in my little corner of the world and the music today is for no other reason than that I like it - I always have done and it always makes me emotional - I don't why but it does.  It was written by Leonard Cohen and I love him singing his songs, but Joan Collins seems to add something really special to this one with the clarity of her voice.

I love the river with the reeds and the leaves floating down in a hurry to get to the sea - and many of our rivers are in flood at the moment from very heavy rainfall.  I really enjoy walks by the river and just sitting and watching the birds playing at the water's edge, 

My Clinic appointment on Friday went very well - my blood pressure was down sufficiently for me not to have to take that extra tablet again.  My blood results were good - and I now have to introduce the tablet for Cholesterol which I have done and am hoping against hope that I do not react to it adversely.

Joy of joys I am able to reduce one anti rejection drug by a 1 mg. tablet per day - so although I take the same number of tablets - the cocktail combination is slightly different.  I am constantly amazed at how these little pills know where to go and what to do when we take them.   I just take them in faith and hope that all goes well.

I have a cherished friend whose medication was reduced last week and is currently feeling very lethargic, achy and miserable - so back to Clinic on Tuesday morning for him.   It is a strange path we transplant recipients walk - the medications often cause or exacerbate other conditions and because we take such a cocktail we are never really sure what is and what is not causing issues.  We walk in faith and trust but we have to advocate for ourselves and question - it is rather like learning to walk again.  We learn how to do it but we need the assurance of outstretched hands to steady us when we wobble, and wobble we do!  and to pick us up when we fall.
Hand are outstretched to catch you should you fall my friend.

I have been busy with glitter and ribbons and all things Christmas and when this blog is posted I shall be sitting down to write Christmas cards and get my card exchange ones in the mail hopefully on December 1st.  I was eating cherries yesterday while I was working with glitter stars and I am sure I ate my share of glitter.

We celebrated the 16th. birthday of a beautiful young woman last night and I want someone to take their foot off the accelerator as the world is going too fast.  It seems only yesterday I was pushing her on the swings at the park.
Happy Birthday Ashleigh - I wish you love and laughter and hope that the tides of life carry you gently and storms leave you safe in their wake.

Melody with dark hair and Ashleigh
These two have been friends since they were 2
Time really does move fast and as I write this I look at the clock and this time in four weeks Christmas dinner will be over and we will be into the unwrapping of gifts and our family quiz.

Slow down and take time to smell the flowers, to enjoy a piece of music, to have a cup of coffee and just "sit" - despite all the hustle and bustle it is still a beautiful world - don't lose touch with it.

I am off now to get on with my Christmas "chores" - they are not chores at all - I delight in all of it and am enjoying everything about it.

My love and care to you all - to those who are unwell I wish you a speedy recovery and to Joe - I hope that things can be resolved for you soon and that you are back to feeling well again.  It is a long and difficult road and you are at such an early stage yet, but you do not walk it alone,   Cheering you on from the sidelines.

Thank you for visiting the Musing of My Heart, a contented but troubled heart today.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

Is that an "Italian Rum Cake" I see?

What a beautiful young girl and family you have.

Don't worry Linda, will see the "Return of the King"