Monday, November 7, 2011


Helen Reddy - I am Woman 

It is Monday morning in my corner of the world and the sun is shining and a warm wind blowing and I am Me.
Happily so and proud to be a woman living in 2011 where conditions are much better for women of the western world.  Things are not this way for all women and I shall not settle until we have an improved world for all women, children and men - for all people 

No this is not me waving the "Women's Liberation" banner and I certainly am not burning my bra I am proud of who I am and the beliefs I espouse and proud to be part of this world and grateful indeed for the loving and caring support of the men in my life.  Yes, guys I like you - I love you - you bring untold joy to my days as do my women friends.  The wisdom I have is certainly "born of pain  - yes I've paid the price but look how much I've gained.  If I have to I can do anything" - it is much nicer to do things with the support of the men of the world.

There are some lovely, sensitive men out there who care and are not afraid to show their feelings and I am thankful for those whose paths cross mine.  I love the friendships and open conversation and the respect.

The money issue with the RAA is in the process of being resolved - thank you to a lovely young Man at the RAA who assures me the funds will be back in my account soon.  Thank you Jeremy.  All things happen for a purpose and this issue of mine raised the subject of Hepatic Encephalopathy in a group I belong to and it is comforting to me to have the honesty and trust of members and to know that I am not alone.

Each day for this "work in progress" is an opportunity for me to make a stand and encourage and help others along their journey and to actively campaign for organ donations.   My life has certainly changed, but change can be so good too.

I have a lovely group of friends - face to face friends and those who share their lives and loves with me over the Internet - a Christmas group, Transplant groups, and just a group for conversation - my life is filled with input from so many people from so many places in this world.

Life is good - and busy and wonderful and exciting - of course with Christmas on the horizon this little Christmas Fairy is very happy and busy working on Decorations and a menu and excitement mounts by the day in my heart.

I made my table centre pieces yesterday and am very happy with the colour effect and still have lots of stuff to do - some I have to do and some I just want to do and I am thankful for this special season of the year.

My next project is an advent wreath for my front door - I have all the things laid out in front of me and am working through ideas - I love the tinsel and tinkling bells and the warm and fuzzy feelings.

I am a big softie - a real romantic and yesterday while working away I took time again to watch the DVD of "Message in a Bottle" and loved it just as much this time around and I have lots more to watch- these are on my list for watching over summer:

The Notebook
Gone with the Wind
The Lord of The Rings Series
The Lake House
Dr. Zhivago
Lady Hawk

that should keep me busy - lots I have seen before and if I am stuck for something I am sure I could enjoy another run through of The West Wing - I loved it.

Currently the music playing in my home is "Everybody Hurts" - REM but the genre will change many times before tonight gets here.  I have a eclectic taste in music and earlier was listening to "On Wings of Song" by Mendelssohn a piece which I absolutely love.   Sometime later may appear some Elgar or maybe some John Denver - who knows where the day will take me.

I was part of a challenge in a Group in 2007 and had to describe myself using ten words - this is what I wrote:

"Linda – How I See Myself.

I find it difficult to write about myself and to find ten words which I think can be attributed to me – so I guess that makes me MODEST.

The things that challenge my life, my values and my morals are truth and justice which hopefully means that I am FAIR.  I believe in truth so that makes me HONEST.  I am STRONG WILLED and DETERMINED and will stand up for what I believe.  My empathy for others, particularly those in need I believe adds COMPASSIONATE to my list of attributes.

I am LOVING and CARING and really value the friendships I have.  ROMANTIC, yes that’s me  - I love soft lights, sweet music, candles and wine, perfume and roses.  I love quiet evenings and yet value time alone when I can write – so PENSIVE describes me.

This is how I see myself and really wonder how others see me and what my qualities are in their eyes.  There are lots of other things I could add but I have already reached my ten words so the fact that I perceive myself to be funny and generous and quite nocturnal will have to wait for another challenge."

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 2007

I am a traveler and on a journey - who knows where my path will lead, but I am comfortable in being blessed with the friendship and support of both Men and Women and the company of children.   Each one of you is special in my heart and I am blessed to have your friendship.

The background for the blog is Christmas themed, but as much as anything the text at the top
"Giving is Living" appealed to me as without the giving I would not, and neither would many of my friends be doing the living.

Enjoy your day - practice random acts of kindness and remember to smile at people - both friends and strangers.

With a thankful heart I am Me and part of my past and my present and I choose to live my life with a thankful heart.,

Thanks for calling by.

Love and hugs,

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