Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Billy Joel - Piano Man

Good Morning from Adelaide, slightly cooler and much wetter this morning and all is well in my little corner of the world and it is Ruby Tuesday and "Sing me a song."

I have had the very great pleasure of discussing and sharing all sorts of music genre with someone special recently (you know who you are) and  I have realized how important music is in my life.  It fills me with joy, sets my feet a dancing, calms and soothes me, moves me to tears and inspires me.   I love the lyrics of songs - a perfect combination - poetry and music.

I played some (lots of) Billy Joel last night and thoroughly enjoyed it and chose the Piano Man for this blog post - I could have chosen so many others:

Goodnight my Angel
Italian Restaurant
We didn't Start the Fire
Downeaster Alexa
Innocent Man
Tell Her About it
Leave a tender Moment alone.
and my particular favourite -This Night.

My music over the last few days has gone from the throaty deep voice of Willie Nelson, to Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance and full circle to Billy Joel - and to go off to sleep I chose my beloved Rod Stewart.  I have shared opera and magnificent music.

Music has played an important part in my recovery and I recall one afternoon in ICU as I struggled to survive Stevens Johnson, hearing a beautiful haunting tune played on a classical guitar - I can still hear it in my mind - all part of the Music Therapy at the Hospital and I held on tight to that.   There is lots I have forgotten - but that is a clear memory for me - a true gift.

I am blessed in so many ways and I value the gift of hearing so much - how could I choose which sense to keep or lose if I were asked to - they are all so important.

Hearing - beautiful music, laughter, tender words of love, a baby's cry. a contended sigh.
Sight - the faces of my children, daffodils in spring, love in the eyes of someone special, fine art and pink.
Smell - freshly brewed coffee, newly mown grass, perfume, scented roses, a baby smell, that lovely man smell.
Touch - fingers on a keyboard, holding a hand, wiping away a tear, mopping a fevered brow, driving,
Taste - oh the joys of lovely food - seafood, spicy Italian pasta dishes, beautiful Indian curries, and of course chocolate.

These are just a few things off the top of my head - I am sure if I really sat down I could write much much more about the senses and how important they are and the joys and pleasures they bring to me.,  Make your own list and you will be very surprised at just how much joy these senses bring out way.

The other sense is a sense of humour and how important that one is - to be able to laugh until we cry, laughing until our sides hurt, learning to laugh at ourselves - that has come late to me but I can do it now and it is so liberating..

Wherever you are in this beautiful world I hope your day is filled with music, beautiful things to look at, lovely fragrant aromas, the taste of good food and coffee and the touch of a cherished hand.  I hope too that you are able to extend the hand of friendship to another and to lift them from a place of despair by a kindly word or deed.

I hope some of the words of this blog post bring you joy and also bring a smile. Go listen to your own kind of music  - now there's a cue for another song.       Make your own kind of music - The Mamas and the Papas - will leave that for another day.

Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday and I hope there are gems and jewels to be found in your day and that they bring you joy.   Thanks for visiting the Musings From My Heart - a peaceful, mellow and a little melancholy heart today.

Love and hugs,

This Night by Billy Joel
Couldn't resist  !!   

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