Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Beautiful Dreamer - Stephen Foster sung by Marilyn Horne

Welcome to a very warm and steamy Wednesday in my little corner of the world - there is a hot wind and my washing has been dry for ages, but I have yet to take the time and bring it in.

Today I celebrate 97 weeks of life post transplant and my days are filled with music, words and the care of friends and family.   Off to have dinner with younger daughter which will be lovely. She is cooking and I like that idea.
No a bit sure about the "beautiful bit" but dreamer I certainly am.  I really think that is half of my trouble with staying asleep because I often wake with dreams of new plans and schemes in my head.

I am sure I have the best back up and support network in the world.   I have a Transplant Support Team only a phone call or email away and if they don't know the answer they find it for me which is what happened today.   My new blood pressure medication has brought about swollen feet and a phone call quickly resolved the issue for me - I am to stop taking it and see my Doctor at the end of the month.

I am making dietary changes and have the support of friends - one of whom came in this lunchtime with a book for me

Thank you Raymond - there are some lovely recipes in the book and all promoting healthy choices and a certain brand of "cholesterol reducing spread"  - I shall certainly try some of the recipes and I am grateful for that sort of support.  Another lovely book to adorn my shelves but first of all to be read and some of the recipes implemented.  The recipes range from:

  • Chili. lime and beef noodle salad
  • Chicken, fennel, Orange and olive pasta
  • Ricotta Veggie pies
  • Smashed rosemary and garlic potatoes
  • Peach crumble parfait
  • Macadamia and chocolate wafers

I do dream - more so in sleep since transplant than I ever have before but I am a daydreamer and a dreamer of plans and schemes - some quite large that I have extreme doubts will ever come to fruition.  There are those gentle dreams, where with someone to inspire and encourage us, we can bring to reality.   It's when two dreamers get their heads together that everyone should watch out for the interesting times ahead. 

I was happy to speak with Adele at the Transplant unit today and to have her encouragement - life is good when a phone call brings resolution to an issue very quickly.   My other issue with the over payment of my RAA account
also had a good result with excellent service and the $747 over paid back in my account on Tuesday morning.,   Thank you Jeremy - a job well done. My bills are paid and all is well.

In my Facebook Group I am sharing so many stories that run parallel to mine and learning that things I thought peculiar to me are in fact quite common - we just don't talk about them.    Well, this group is talking and talking and talking.  They are sharing photographs of before and after transplant and we are learning to live with the limitations and to laugh at ourselves - it is a very positive experience and double so for me with the very special support of a lovely man who is only weeks out from transplant.

Time for me to check out of here and get ready for the evening - I hope your day is a good one and that on this wonderful Wednesday there is joy and laughter in your world.  I hope there is enough sunshine to chase away the shadows and that love is your companion.

Be sure that those you love know that you love them - tell them and reach out and hug them.

Thank you for listening to the "Musings from My Heart" - a dream filled heart today.

With love and hugs,


Joe said...

Good Morning Linda! Another beautiful peice from the Vaughn Collection. I so look forward to your weekly postings. Like yourself, my tx as awoken the sleeping giant within me! I should think that we all have this buried somewhere deep in side of us and we just go on.. Day after day never looking, never dreaming, never caring what is going on outside of our little world. Then comes that day, when God gives us that Second Chance! And, it awakens the Sleeper!

Linda J. said...

A very lovely comment Joey - thanks for this and for your support.