Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Bachelors - I Believe.

Good afternoon from my little corner of the world, where the sun is shining and the sky is blue and all is well.
I have had morning of work and my chairs are all back in place after having a spring shampoo and the tablecloths are freshly laundered.  These tasks kept me from posting earlier, but I am comfortable with that.

Here we are again at Thankful Thursday and I do have a song in my heart and a spring in my step.  The words on the heading of this post are wonderful words to live by  - we all have dreams and hopes and wishes and long for love and we all need to believe.

I have experienced kindness, care, dreams, wishes, hope, love and I do believe.   I believe that we are stronger than we think we are, that there are dreams that do come true.  I have learned to love, hope, wish and I am buoyed along my journey by others who share these things.  It sure makes the path a lot smoother as we journey through life.

Lots going on in my circle of friends - Ros is off to hospital tomorrow for eye surgery and I wish this brave lady all the very best.  Others are grieving and coping will ongoing illnesses and feeling quite alone and stressed.  If your life is touched with pain, sadness and trouble at home or in your work place - my thoughts are with you and I hope that you are equal to the task.  Michelle my thoughts are with you as you struggle with a workplace issue.

My coming weekend has done a complete turn around - what was to be a full day at a jewellery class has been cancelled and other plans changed, but as it is going to be hot I shall be very content to be at home and will get some Christmas craft done.  I don't mind quiet days and I may even shop on Friday so that I have two full days at home.

I can't believe I didn't introduce this little poppet before - this is the beautiful baby girl of the nurse who took me to theatre for my Transplant.

Please meet Olivia Grace

Isn't she a darling baby? Look at those perfect cupid bow lips.

I have an appointment at Flinders tomorrow afternoon and will talk with the dietitian then about cholesterol control so that will be an interesting afternoon.

There was a funeral I would like to have attended this afternoon, but had a nasty headache so preferred not to drive.  Farewell Geoffrey - I am sure your family and friends would have sent you off in grand style.
My thoughts are with the whole family.

There really isn't much more news for today - life is good and friends are kind and sweet and I have the love of family to get me through my days.

I hope that you believe and that you are strong as you take your journey and I thank you for visiting "The Musings of My Heart"

Love and hugs,

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