Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi there on Thursday afternoon and for me it really is "The Most Wonderful time of the Year.

John and I have just come home from the Liver Transplant Unit's Christmas Luncheon held in the beautiful garden at Flinders.   Although it is a hot day - the shade made the time outside seem cool and it certainly was most pleasant.

We were entertained and amused by the resident Duck family and we met and enjoyed the company of other people who had taken a similar journey to me - and one young lady who is on the waiting list and was so pleased to see those post transplant doing so well.

Lunch was really lovely and it really was a special place to celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and to celebrate life in all it's beauty.

The beautiful garden on the second level at Flinders

More of the lovely shaded garden

The fountain

Outside seating area

A very cheeky duck

The water feature of the garden

Nicole being very busy with camera

Nicole - this is the lady who gave me the news that a liver was available to me.

Sweet sweet Adele
Libby serving the barbecue

Dianne - one of the beautiful nurses who took such good care of me.

Another transplant recipient Tom with his wife Aleka. 
John and Tom discussing the Greek economy

Another feathered friend.

My beautiful gold ornament for my tree.

There are three Flinders ornaments there - the red/gold/silver and green on the left, the red one on the right and today's beautiful golden one.  They represent various stages of my journey and are cherished.

It was lovely to sit and talk with Tom and Aleka and then later to be joined by Sheralyn and James.  Sheralyn was listed in January of this year and waits her transplant is very nervous.  I think I managed to ease her mind a little and we exchanged phone numbers and I assured her it is fine for her to call any time.

The food was lovely and it was indeed a celebration of Christmas and Life. I am "old news" now but still it is precious to be with newer patients and also older ones - We were joined by Geoff who is six years out from his transplant and it is a delight to see the lovely care that the Transplant Trio show to each patient.

I was especially blessed to catch up with Kylie and her little boy Lachlan - Kylie worked on the team before Adele and was always a delight on the wards and at Clinic.    They are a special team and I love them all.

I had a nice experience at the Pharmacy - when I checked my prescription in the beautiful young man behind the counter said "I know you - you are the lady who had Stevens Johnson and I am the Pharmacist who researched and wrote up the drugs you should never take." - it was very nice to be remembered so we chatted a while and he told me he had visited numerous times me when I was so ill and was not a bit surprised that I did not remember him.

So as you can see it has been a special day for me and adds to the magic of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
Enjoy reading part of my story and I loved sharing The Transplant Trio with you -they are special angels.

I did manage a chat with Nicole about my bruising and I am to stop the new medication and have bloods drawn tomorrow morning and she will ring me during the afternoon.  They are a great and easily accessible team

I wore my earrings that Nurse Dianne made for me and my flashing Christmas tree lights necklace and enjoyed being a shining example of life after transplant.

Come back tomorrow and visit and take more steps in my journey with me - I value your care and support.

Take care of yourselves.
Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

What a wonderful and special day!
It is lovely to see faces that are names mostly as we join in your journey with you,
Take care Ducky and Thank You