Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Good Morning and welcome to Ruby Tuesday - may your day be filled with jewels and gems of all kinds and may there be happiness as you travel through Tuesday.

It most certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my home - I have been writing Christmas cards, letters and wrapping gifts and there are boxes of cards, packets of postage stamps, wrapping paper and ribbons everywhere.  The table top is covered and I love it - I will scrape things away and make room for lunch time.  Every time I go out someone comments that I have glitter on me - and I most certainly do - I have tinsel and glitter everywhere.
There are cards of all shapes and sizes and gift tags too - when I woke this morning I found along side me in the bed a packet of gift tags I must have been looking at before I went to sleep.   

There were more Christmas cards in the mail and I need to get them up with the rest - it most certainly is "The Most Wonderful time of the year".

I forgot to make my payment on my credit card and received a reminder by text - Ho Hum - it just got buried in the tinsel and glitter.   My account is usually in credit so when i spoke to a delightful young lady at the bank she waived the late payment - a nice thing to do.   I shall have to keep my mind on things better though. 

Why is it that all the utility accounts and car registrations become due around December - it is certainly the season to be jolly but also the bill paying season.  I have a few more to pay and will do that in good time.

The weather here is cool and I am hoping it stays this way for Christmas.  It  certainly won't be a white Christmas here in Australia - but it is such a special time it doesn't matter where you are.

My lawns are being done today and looking rather nice - although even after all the rain we have had they are drying out very quickly and starting to look very South Australian - brown and crisp.

I have had lovely phone calls interstate and overseas and they are delightful and the mail always brings lovely things this time of year - I have a parcel to open soon and am very keen and excited to see what it holds.

I seem to be gaining more strength and am better able to stay up later in the evenings "Baby Bedtime" seems to be a thing of the past - Oh yes I remember it well and was very glad for it. I didn't sleep but I really needed to lay down and rest and I actually got through a lot of DVDs - including another run through of "The West Wing"- winter nights with Toby and CJ were great.

I have rather a collection of discs to watch during summer heat and a lovely selection of books so I shall relish days inside out of the heat - my and my books.

It was lovely doing a positive letter this Christmas and being able to report that "Oliver" and I are doing well.   I have had some good news that a friend has been accepted onto the waiting list in Texas and another friend is anxious about her husband being accepted.  Waiting is hard, but waiting to be listed is very hard - there is that uncertainty at at time when you are feeling so ill.

So on Ruby Tuesday close to Christmas I have so much to be thankful for - the gems that shine in my life are my family and my friends.  The love and care they offer me and the way they treat me so well - they love me when I am unlovable and that's when I need them most.  Music is a gem that shines brightly for me and I have had the most delightful of times sharing music with a special someone and again - I am thankful.

The gem of laughter rings out in my home more and more these days as I learn to laugh at myself and it is so liberating to be able to acknowledge being silly and to laugh.

I hope there is music in your life and also love and laughter "Let the bells ring out for Christmas" for love, for life, for kindness and family.

Be safe as you go through your day and I thank you for visiting The Musings of My heart" where indeed it is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and I love it.

Love and hugs,

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