Monday, December 12, 2011


Good Afternoon and welcome to Monday in my little corner of the world.   It has been a bit of a "manic Monday" thus far - can't seem to settle and achieve anything - getting lots of nothing achieved.  Printer is still giving me grief, and I am working on something new for this blog - and email is slow coming in with the information I need.  the information has been carefully sent but must still be in cyber space - patience Linda please. 

Ray was kind and brought me fishing line this morning  so at least I can get on with organizing things in that department.   Christmas card envelopes may well be handwritten but it doesn't matter - they are small things and not to be stressed over.   I am at the stage where I feel that I have half way into the pond and from now on it's out to the other side and all will be ready.

The Santa in the picture above belongs to Naomi and was painted for her by Narelle - I am glad he still lives and reigns here and hasn't moved out of home with her.   He is rather delightful and receives lots of admiring glances and comments.

With my decorating almost done my thoughts are turning to food and I have lots of lists - I am the Queen of the list makers and have a list almost to remind me to check my lists.   I would be fine working with Santa because he is a list maker too - and he checks it twice.  I have some cooking to do but not a great deal - I do believe I shall be ready very soon. 

There is magic in the air and lots of Christmas cards in my mailbox - my wall is looking rather full of cards and I love each and every one of them..  I love email and ecards, but the mail I receive in my hands from the hands of a friend is extra special.  When Christmas is over I shall take them all down and read them all again and hold the friendships very dear.   I love the evenings and always feel a little sad that we have daylight saving which means that it is not dark enough early enough to benefit from my lights.  I turn them on and then off before I go to bed.  They aren't on for a long time, but very beautiful when they are.

I have been playing Christmas music and hope that by the time this blog is typed and ready to go it will have it's own music attached.   It may well play the music from yesterday's blog and hopefully by tomorrow I shall have it all sorted and be able to change the music to suit the daily posting.   ***

I have had support in doing this, but as I said the email is "missing in action" and I am still on my "L" plates when it comes to html.   "L" plates are fine and it really is nice to have so many people drive around with my initial on their car.

Health wise I am doing fine - a few bruises can easily be dealt with and I am very happy to be alive and well enough to enjoy this festive season and I hope you are all enjoying it.

I know it is a tough time for many of you - those with health issues I remember so very well how it feels and to those who have family members struggling my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Grief is always with us and at this special time of year I am aware of the empty spaces in my life, my home and at my table, but I rejoice and give thanks for the special times I had with those who no longer grace this earth.  Oh yes I miss them all, and I miss the funny things they said and did  but enjoy the legacy of those things they have left with us.  Funny sayings and mannerisms, the special way they held their fork, the way they stirred their coffee, the music they loved which plays on.   My memory is very sweet and I am blessed.

My friend said to me this morning "We are very blessed and very lucky" and he is right we are, and each day is a bonus and a testament to medical skills and the generosity and kindness of strangers.    Have that talk with your family about organ donation, make sure they know your wishes and be certain to register in the state in which you live because without people like you, a simple Adelaide girl like me, would not be playing Christmas music and writing this blog.  There is so much I would have missed - each new day, Christmases with family and friends, sharing laughter, music and love - I am blessed indeed and humbled by my journey.

It has been an interesting journey and in many ways I took the road less traveled and met some very interesting souls along the way who continue to bless my journey.

Take care and enjoy whatever your day/evening/night time holds for you.  America is settling down for the night and we here in Australia are yet to reach mid-afternoon on Monday - I am thankful for each new day and each passing hour.

Love and hugs and thanks for visiting and reading the Musings of my Christmas captivated heart.


with some lovely help over the miles - this music issue is resolved and I hope you enjoy the selections of music.

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