Sunday, December 11, 2011


One toy soldier stands alone
With his drum down by his side

One toy soldier on his own
With his drum to keep the time

He keeps the beet of marching feet
He keeps the beat so true
He's one small toy for one small boy
But his heart is oh so blue

Who can mend my broken drum
Will it be as good as new

I must play when morning comes
I don't, what shall I do?

He keeps the beat of marching feet
He keeps the beat inside
While children sleep, he dreams so deep
There's a secret he must hide

For he keeps the beat of marching feet
He keeps the beat so true
He wants to sing and hopes to bring
Happy Christmas day to you

He keeps the beat of marching feet
He keeps the beat inside
Someone has come to mend his drum
Now his heart lights up with pride

So he keeps the beat of marching feet
He keeps the beat so true
When morning comes, he plays his drum

Good evening from my little corner of the world and I have been listening to Christmas music again today and this particular song always fascinates me - the beat is lovely and it takes me back to the days when children didn't get very much for Christmas - maybe it was just One Toy Soldier.   I was very blessed as a child and had a very indulgent Father who would have given me the top brick off the chimney had I asked.  I did have lots of toys and there were all of the very best - nothing he thought was too good for me.   It never changed as a woman, Wife and Mother, if I wanted it - then I had it.  I had to be very careful what I said when he was around or the next day he would arrive with the said item.   He denied me nothing - well he did one thing - but that's another story.   I remembered the occasion and so too did he - we talked about it a week or so before he died and laughed about it.

This song about a Toy Soldier reminds me of my Dad who often would tell me the story of when he received a Toy Soldier which was made of lead and which he came to cherish.  Music evokes memory and my memory of my Father is kind and beautiful and I have cried a little about this.   I wish I had that little toy solder - it would be cherished, but I somehow imagine it became very damaged from play and lost in the veil of the years.

Today the weather has been perfect - cool, but sunny and I am hoping and hoping that it is like this for Christmas Day - I had had a funny day today - my printer is being silly and I haven't been able to print the labels for my Christmas cards and I ran out of fishing line so was only able to hang a few of the baubles from the beams in the family room.   I am actually thinking I shall have to write my envelopes and that will be a shock to my system.   Tomorrow I shall go off to the fishing tackle shop and get more line and start all over again.

I had a successful short trip to the shops for an outfit for Christmas - and yes of course it will match my colour scheme for the day.

It is really nice to share outings that friends have and to listen to them tell me all about it and show me their photographs - again i am thankful for the technology that brings photographs not a couple of hours old in USA into my home in Adelaide.   Photographs of a new puppy for friends in Sydney also right here with me - it keeps my friends close and I can share their activities.

When Lynne's baby granddaughters were born - they were only hours old and I was able to share their photograph. I love the technology. They must have grown a lot - perhaps I will be able to share a Christmas photograph of them with you soon.

Two weeks from now and Christmas will be almost over for us - family will be heading off in different directions and I will be struggling to fit things in the fridge.    I can never understand why we take food out of the fridge, eat half of it and then can't fit the rest back in there.

There will be paper and ribbons and dirty (probably wine stained) table linen and phones will have been buzzing for most of the day as each of us try to make contact with those we love sometime during this most wonderful day.

My family will be groaning with very full tummies and not wanting to think about food for a few days and, knowing Adelaide the weather will warm up right after Christmas.   The Cricket Test will start on Boxing Day in Melbourne, (which is a great excuse for lots of people to park themselves in front of the television and sleep a good deal of Boxing day away.     

My joy on Boxing  Day is to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race which leaves beautiful Sydney Harbour at noon and heads south to Hobart in Tasmania.  There will be a flotilla of small craft and usually the Harbour is bathed in sunshine.

Then our Australian summer of sport will be capped off with Tennis. 

I don't mind the Test Cricket but I never sit and watch - I sometimes listen on the radio but that's about my interest in it all - I have, however been known to sit all night and watch the Golf.  

Thanks for sharing a walk down memory lane with me and indulging my love of Christmas music - I am not finished yet -I have 13 more days to go.

I have two decorated outside now and that;'s it - I am finished I think.

This tree is tied to my Pergola post by the family room door.

And this one near the back door.

I think I am done now - and not even going to bother to count.   There are more than I need but I love them all.

With visions of sugar plums dancing in my head I shall close off and wish you a happy Sunday/good night sleep Sunday night - depending where you are - enjoy it all and I thank you for calling by to read the Musings of this Christmas filled heart.

Love and hugs,

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