Thursday, December 15, 2011


Good Morning and welcome to Thursday - a warm day in my city and this is following on a magnificent sunrise in this city.  My colours exactly.  It was beautiful - all was calm and still and picture perfect.

Sunrise in Adelaide Thursday December 15th

So here we are another day closer to Christmas - and there are lots of open air Christmas carol services programmed for this weekend and unfortunately rain is forecast too - so I am hoping that the rain holds off and these lovely events can take place in the parks and gardens around Adelaide, and that the strains of beautiful Away in a Manger can waft on the summer air.

Carols by Candlelight is usually the major event in every Capital city of Australia where families gather with rugs and refreshments and sit on the grass and wait for the darkness to fall and then the candles they hold are lit and it is a very lovely time.   Carols are sung and there is very often a visit from a certain Jolly Old Gent.   Carols by The Sea is a lovely event too and I love to sit on the sand and hear the waves lapping gently along with the music.  There are lots of venues - Carols on the Golf Course, In the Square, In the Car park  - so many and it is lovely to be outside and share this experience under a diamond studded sky.

Music generally stirs me and excites me and often moves me to tears and I absolutely love all the special Christmas music I hear on my radio or play in my home.   I could not pick a particular favourite for I love them all.  There is a big televised event on Christmas Eve and I miss my girls being at home, because we always watched that together (often while I finished off all the last minute cooking, sewing or just bits and pieces.)

It fascinates me how things on opposite sides of the world can be so similar - families gathering to sing Christmas irrespective of the weather.   Parties are the same all all over the world too.   I attended my Transplant Unit's Celebration of Christmas and Life last Thursday and in Philadelphia today is their Transplant Unit's party - will be underway as I write.  The older patients will meet the new ones and the medical and surgical staff will get to see their patients in a very different light.    It is great to gather and to celebrate life.

I have been shopping for my daughter this morning and was delighted to find the shops were open at 07.00 - extended trading hours do not mean extended money unfortunately.   The shops were quiet and there was time to chat with the Staff - a very pleasant experience   The roads were quiet too and as I drove past the High School my younger daughter attended I was surprised how few students were attending.   Officially school finishes on Friday for the long  6/7 week break for the summer holidays and I used to love those holidays and having my kids home with me.  For the Year 12 students the anxiety comes now as they wait for their results and the offers of University courses.  Ahhhh yes I remember those anxious days very well.

If you have young children on holidays for the summer - be sure to spend some time with them - make some memories to last, because, believe me those memories do serve you well in future years.  There are lots of Christmas memories my family share and summer holiday stories which will no doubt be marched out of the Memory Closet at Christmas time and revisited with much laughter.

Thankful Thursday always makes me pause and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for  - I am alive and well, I have the sweetest of friends who too is alive and well, I have a caring and loving family who humour me and accept me for just who I am.   I have a home, a comfortable bed and food on my table.  My car takes me where I need to be and I am cared for by an amazing Medical and Transplant Team.  I have the gift of music and laughter and I have learned to laugh at myself which is a very nice feeling.

We really are on a countdown now until that special day - enjoy it all - I am doing and shall continue to do so.
Enjoy the music, the laughter, the fun and be sure to tell those you love that you do love them.

Happy anticipating and thanks for visiting the Musings of My Heart ~ a very thankful and contented heart today.

Love and hugs,

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