Friday, December 16, 2011


Alexis 2011
Good Morning and welcome to a warm and sunny Friday morning  - I hope it is a good day where you are - if you are in your winter - I wish you warm times, hot chocolate and cosy times.   We are two weeks into our summer and the weather is a bit crazy - we have rain forecast for the weekend which is a little sad for those who have Christmas parties outside organized or Christmas weddings.   The weather is something we cannot change and I am hoping for a mild summer but there are many here who are looking forward to hot sunny days at the beach.

My home is currently wrapped in "pretty paper" and ribbons and above is the picture of the gifts for Alexis - I was allocated her in our Christmas Kris Kringle - she is a delight and it was wonderful to choose gifts for her and to wrap them to coincide with my colour theme for this Christmas.  Other gifts are appearing under my tree (early I know) but they are appearing just the same - some wrapped in traditional reds and greens and others in a dark purple which is lovely.    I know this paper will be torn and disposed of but I really love pretty parcels and pretty paper and always try to wrap my allocated person's gifts in special ways.

Nick's present from 2010
Some people like to wrap gifts in an "environmentally friendly" way and are quite ingenious - my friend Narelle's gifts are always wrapped beautifully different.   Narelle bought for me one year and the gifts came packed in a very beautiful BIG  box which is covered with lovely roses.  She sometimes wraps gifts in seasonal/matching hand towels/dish towels and ties them with coloured string - I always look forward to seeing what her imagination will present.  Narelle is buying for Rebecca this year and it will be wonderful to see.

Me, I am a paper girl and love the rustle of paper and the wrapping of gifts and ribbons are beautiful and I always use plenty of them,  all matching of course.

I had a beautiful parcel finally arrive, (much to the relief of the sender) packed with all sorts of lovely things, including map, decoration for my tree, Salt Water Taffy and a beautiful Cape May diamond on a chain, which I shall wear and thoroughly enjoy.  Tucked away in the box were a seashell and souvenir from Cape May.  The parcel was all sealed and untouched by customs etc. - a great relief and much joy.

This is "May" a lovely sand woman hanging on my Memory and Friendship Tree

I have lots of Christmas cards attached to the wall and there have been parcels in the mail often - it is a very exciting time of year and I love collecting the mail.  I love the fact that we take the time to make contact with people who live in our memories and address books.  I do try to make contact at least at one other time during the year, but it doesn't always work out that way.   It takes a long time to do the cards I send, but I take the opportunity to relive the memories and connections I have with the people for whom the card is being sent  Thank you to all who have sent cards, they are a delight.

I am off to take some time out tomorrow afternoon with the "Golden Girls" - a movie afternoon - what more could a girl ask for George Clooney and an ice cream?  Not sure exactly who is able to take the time to relax at the movies but it will be nice to see whoever can come along.   We are off to see "The Ides of March" and even if it isn't a good film, Clooney is good value, particularly with the flecks of grey hair at the temples. 

Enjoy your day and whatever you have to do today and I hope you too are enjoying the "pretty paper and ribbons of blue"  - they are all colours here.  Encourage your little ones to help wrap gifts - oh boy is that fun, play Christmas music and make many memories for your heart to keep - they will serve you well.

Thank you for reading the Musings of My Heart - a heart wrapped in friendship and tied with the ribbons of love.

Much love and hugs,

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