Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Ruby Tuesday - a special day in a week filled with special day - important on every day to remember to sparkle and shine - but especially so on Ruby Tuesday.

May you find joys in little things today - a piece of music, the sparkle in some one's eyes, shared laughter, a clear blue sky (and the hope of cooler weather), conversation with a friend and sharing special and important times.   A telephone call  - it is only 10.15 on my Tuesday morning and already I have spent time in conversation with three special people - I love it.

It is hot here and my sky is very blue - just to prove it I have taken a photograph of my sky this morning.

There it is - not a cloud in sight - a very pretty blue.

I had a long distance phone call from a friend who lives in northern New South Wales at Murwillumbah - and from her home there is the most amazing view of Mount Warning.

This mountain is the very first place to receive the suns rays every morning in Australia and is the delight of my friend Mary - in fact we call it "Mary's Mountain".   The whole region is very beautiful, but has it's share of snakes and other creepy crawlies.

Mary and I chatted for a long time and it has been raining non stop for over 48 hours and her creek is roaring and running a banker and much more she will not be able to get out down the drive and over the creek.   The rain and the warmth encourage lush green growth - a very pretty place.

This is the view from Mary's windows.

We talked about many things and shared the excitement of her proposed trip to Adelaide  during February  ~ it was a lovely call and nice that she thought of me.

I have a busy afternoon with an appointment and a little shopping to do, but we will be getting out of the heat as soon as we can.

I am still continuing making my juice and have sought advice about any suggestions to build up my immune system, which because of medications is compromised - going to be interesting to see what comes from that, but I am open to suggestions to keep my self as well as I can be.

"Inspiration" is my word for 2012 and I posted a blog for Bella yesterday - a special day for a special girl - take a look and see Miss Bella all dressed for school in her uniform.

There were tears today when Mummy and Daddy left - often are on the second day - but this little girl is supported by a very warm and loving family and the MaGuire family are inspirational to me.
Enjoy whatever your day brings your way - and if those things are not what you would hope and plan for - try to make the best of them, find something to be thankful for - because each day there is some cause for gratitude.
Sparkle and Shine on Ruby Tuesday and thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart - I think I was born with glitter in my heart.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

Mary's Mountain is absolutely magnificent! How very nice for your friend to live under the heavens like that! Your blogs always make me sparkle and shine. Love the picture of "sky"!