Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LET'S GO FLY A KITE.............

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday and this beautiful image with beautiful words was posted on my Facebook wall last night by a friend who said she saw it and "it called my name.  Thank you Lynne - I am captivated by all of the lovely things I like to do on it.  You certainly stirred my memory.

Flying a kite is very special to me - I love to to do it and have my own kite with a Crimson Rosella printed on it and to me there is nothing more enchanting that holding on to the string of a kite and watching it dip and soar.  Getting started is always a challenge but in wide open spaces where you can run and set it free is an amazing feeling.  I have taken my kite on holidays to Victor Harbor and spent time at Encounter Bay with my hand holding tight to the string, the wind in my hair and the salt sea spray on my face.    These are not childhood memories I am talking about - these are memories of when my children were quite grown and they thought their Mother a little silly.  Another friend (another Lyn) posted recently that for the first time in her life she had flown a kite and it was great to share her joy.

This image is filled with things I like to do - jumping in puddles is always special.  Lying in grass and wishing on dandelions also is a special memory.  Playing dress ups was always fun, hosting a tea party and dancing in the rain brings back memories too - I can recall in the height of a summer storm when the rain just poured down - taking a shower outside in the rain and washing my hair (and this wasn't very long ago.)  I always try to reach for the stars - a school I attended had the Motto "Ad Astra Per Aspera" (to the stars through difficulties) and is I believe the State Motto of the American State of Kansas.  I try to tread gently as I pass through this beautiful world but sleeping soundly is another issue.

IMAGINE and IMAGINATION - beautiful words (word chosen for 2012 by a cherished friend) and along with my word INSPIRATION - we certainly do dwell  in possibility.

If you have young ones in your life you have the perfect excuse to do these things so that they can experience them with you - if you don't then get out there and do these things just for YOU.  There are so many things that we quickly relegate to "childhood" that we should always go on doing.   Nurture and nourish the child within and when the music plays for you I hope that you can dance.

Do some baking - and lick the spoon, dip your finger in the mix and laugh.  Play music and sing loudly and strongly from your heart.  Dance around the room, stomp your feet - just enjoy all the very simple but very beautiful things that life can bring your way.   Be silly - it is very special to have someone to be silly with and with whom you can share laughter and giggling.

Play is very important in the development of little children, but it is my belief that Play is equally important in developing beautiful complete adults.  Remember to play, to laugh and to dance. 

On my last appointment at Flinders we decided we would walk down the stairs instead of taking the lift - and I said to John "Race you to the Bottom" and just took off giggling - it was one of those spontaneous times that will linger in my memory - and I won ! We received some strange looks, but I have got to the stage in my life where that doesn't bother me a scrap.

 I have learned to laugh at myself and the silly things I say and do.  It is so very liberating.   I would be the absolute "queen" of silly phrases and saying silly things, and  some friends can vouch for that - and I talk with my hands - cut them off and I wouldn't be able to talk. But these are the things that make me who I am and at this stage of my life I like me - I like the things I do and being able to laugh at the silly things I do brings joy to my days.

I challenge you to enjoy a little silliness, lots of laughter and lovely times - I know days are busy for everyone, but try to find the place that brings you back to yourself and be sure to return there often.

I wish you so many special things - a hug from a child, a special telephone call, coffee with a friend, some time lost in a good book, a cool breeze, a warm and cosy fire, hot chocolate with marshmallow, the aroma of freshly baked bread, a special smile and some giggling, some deep and meaningful conversation - all simple but beautiful things.

Thank you for sharing these memories with me and for visiting the Musings from My Heart - today a heart tied to a kite string.

Love and hugs,


Joe said...

OMG...How great is that! It brings back sooooo many just yesterday I was playing with my friend in the virtual sandbox! You are such a lady! Make sure you add me to your list of play things!


Linda J. said...

Already added - it is great to share the joys of life. Love you. xxxx