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Good Afternoon - a late post from me and my apologies for not posting yesterday and my only excuse is that I had really liked the "Let's Go Fly a Kite" post and wanted to leave it there a little longer with the appropriate music.   I seem to have a fix on Mary Poppins the last few days - a movie which I thoroughly enjoyed.    I had a little boy in my life some years ago who also loved this film and could sing and dance through the whole of the film - he knew the songs word for word and could dance like the stars.    It was a lovely interlude in my life and I miss him.

I have someone to introduce to you today - This is Alyson who had a live liver transplant on December 28 2011 and is doing very well indeed - in fact she and her Mum are now staying at Ronald MacDonald House in Ontario, Canada and could well be heading home on Saturday.,

Day 9

Day 13

Check out the lovely heart shaped tapes holding the tubes of this precious child - Alyson received a live liver transplant from her Dad and Big Brother Logan received a part of Mum's Liver a few years ago and was able to start School.

Child recipients take the same medications as adults (of course with adjusted doses) but theirs comes in liquid form and doesn't taste very nice - but this little one takes it all without a fuss.  No spoonful of sugar here to help the medicine go down.

Many transplant recipients have memories of bad tasting medications when they were waiting for transplant which were very necessary so the music on this page will resonate for them.

None of us like taking medications, but having cleared them with Doctors, please don't hesitate to take them rather than over stress your body with pain.   If you are unwell at the moment, a little sick or a little sore - I send special love and hugs your way.  Take special care of yourselves and I hope that you soon feel well again.

Another hot day here in Adelaide and I am perfectly sure someone should be able to find a way of mixing nasty summer heat with nasty cold weather and finding something much more to every one's liking.  If you find the recipe let me know and I am sure you will be on the way to your first million.
I have been out for a little while today - to the Post Office to collect a package and to refuel my car, because the little light was coming on and I didn't want to be stranded.

My package was a DVD I had ordered on line "Australia"  with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman - I missed this when it was released and I am looking forward to watching it and reviewing it with a friend who really enjoyed it.

Something nice to watch on a hot afternoon/evening.

Well here we are again almost at the weekend - what plans do you have ?  Depending on how I feel I may do a little grocery shopping, but I can cope without doing that and if it is too hot that's exactly what I shall do.    I did hear a rumour of a movie afternoon and that could be nice, but apart from that I don't have anything special planned and those sort of times are rather special in themselves.

I was proud of myself this morning I had laundry done, out and dried and in again before eight and oh the lovely smell of clothes fresh from the line and dried in the summer sun and breeze. Towels are softer, fluffier and warmer on these sorts of days too.  

  These are just two of the most simple and basic things that bring joy to my life.  I love having laundry on the line flapping in the breeze and I used to really like when the kids were home and I could line up all the socks and pray for guidance for each set of little feet that would wear the socks.  We seemed to have a little man living at the bottom of the washing machine who ate socks as there were always "odd socks" and we had an "odd sock basket" and often on a winter afternoon we would watch television and try to match up the socks.   I wrote a poem in 2005 about Twenty Two Socks - I will post it in The Pages of Avalon blog when I have finished here.

My clothes line was often filled with sporting uniforms because Naomi would volunteer her Mum to do the washing for the team - and I loved those days.

I love these days too when my heart is as peace and I see that little girl all grown and making a good life and holding a very good job and studying hard,  I am proud of them and the paths they have taken. 

I love children and am happy to have introduced Alyson to you and I thank you for visiting and reading the Musings of a proud and contented heart.

Love and hugs,

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