Sunday, January 29, 2012


Welcome to Sunday - where the sky is heavy and filled with rain and the atmosphere very steamy.  We had a dry hot day yesterday and suddenly out of nowhere came the summer rain.

I was at dinner with friends when the heaven's opened and the rain was virtually horizontal and strong winds were blowing  - the rain lasted for almost an hour and the restaurant staff were very busy mopping up the deluge that managed to get in through the doors.  The wind was coming from the east, and although still warm it felt cooler because of the rain.  But that was only for a little while and it then became very steamy.    Lots of roads were under water and we passed lots of flooded areas on the way home.

Driving home I was aware that I was driving away from the rain and that the roads, although damp, did not appear to have had the amount of rain that Port Adelaide did.  I drove home with the air conditioning in the car turned up and when I got out at home my glassed got all foggy.

This link will take you to the Hotel where we had dinner and the food was really lovely and as always it is nice to be out with friends.   The girls did a movie in the afternoon and I chose not to go but decided to join them for dinner.

Another hot night preceded a very steamy day and from the look of the clouds there is more rain to come and hopefully by tomorrow we should be on our way to a few cooler days.    

I have taken today very quietly and not done a great deal - I did get laundry done and some tidying up on my computer.    Talked on vid,cam with Henry who became all tongue tied and shy (that's what happens when you are only four)  I have spoken with my friend Jenny who is in lots of pain - she needs surgery for a hip replacement.     Pain is the companion of my friend at the moment and to him I send my love and care and tender healing hugs.   I hope for better days very soon when some healing has taken place and life is sweet again.  Love and hugs my sweet one. 

I have been doing some reading and enjoyed that - but have been a little restless, but that will pass soon,  it happens to us all.   I want to get some letters done and now that I have my new printer I will be able to do that.

I posted a beautiful blue sky picture a few days ago and this afternoon I have rephotographed that same sky which will give indication of the weather heading our way.

I like the second photograph because hidden away in those grey clouds are patches of blue giving hope and promise of better days ahead.

I wish you blue skies and songbirds, an umbrella for the rain,  puddles to splash in and an easing of whatever pain is troubling you - it may be a physical pain or an emotional pain.  Hold on tight to those who love you and they will help you see this through.

There are times when we become quite unlovable - just remember something I have shared with you all before "love me when I am unlovable because that's when I need you most."

Courage and faith to step into your tomorrow and thank you for visiting the Musings of My heart - a heart filled with hope and trust today.

Love and hugs,

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