Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to Ruby Tuesday - just another day on which to sparkle and shine.  It is lovely in my little corner of the world - it is cool and quiet although at times there is a very strong wind blowing leaves all over my garden - times like this I wish I lived in Camelot where the wind just whisked the leaves away, at night, of course.   But I don't live in Camelot and life is far from perfect in this City of Adelaide.   There is, as usual, the political bickering that goes on between party members and we are informed of grand and glorious schemes that sometimes happen and sometimes don't.    There has been much discussion on our radio regarding a weekend shooting of a member of a Biker Group.  This violent death in our suburbs has a lot of people very distressed - I know lots of places around the world live with this all the time - but it is new to us and we don't like it a bit.

My routine is a little out of whack with sleeping hours being disturbed by heat but a couple of cool nights should see things back to normal and under control again.   I have been restless and the wind often does that to me - restless and achieving very little work wise.  The music on this page was a favourite of my Dad's - he too was a restless spirit and he has been on my mind today ~ so the Wayward Wind kind of fits today. 

I started the monumental task of tidying my desk and got to that middle of the pond stage, where there was no turning back and yet I didn't want to finish.   All done now and everything is fine.

Lovely experience this morning - I opened a drawer and there to my surprise was a little statuette of Buddha which used to sit on my Father's Desk.  I had forgotten all about it - I recall now placing it in the drawer at the stage when it was just too painful to have it out.   I have washed it and it now sits on my desk with the fat tummy "full of life" and reminding me of many things and an ever present memory of my Father.

I have just finished purchasing books on line for my friend Jenny who doesn't have access to the Internet and we ordered through The Book Depository in the U.K. - great prices and no cost for shipping.  She will be anxious for them to arrive as it is a series that she really likes and reading is something that she can do without causing much pain.   Her choice today was  K - R of Sue Grafton's Alphabet Murder Mysteries.   
K- Killer
L - Lawless
M - Malice
N - Noose
O - Outlaw
P - Peril
Q - Quarry
R - Ricochet

I love books and ordering them on line is a great pleasure and the delivery time is usually about 10 days which isn't too bad really.  It takes that long for parcels to transit Sydney on their way to Adelaide at times.  I have the girls at the Post Office very pleased with the time parcels are taking to get to USA - they are proud of our service.

I received to batteries for my camera in the mail today ex Hong Kong and have spent the afternoon charging batteries, clearing cards in the cameras and putting things in the camera bag - it is almost like I am going on a holiday -I am not - but my cameras are organized.   I have an Olympus point and shoot and a small Cannon which originally belonged to Naomi (I get the cast offs and I love it.)

I have a busy day tomorrow - an afternoon appointment and then an evening meeting with Transplant Australia and it is fairly local to me and I really looking forward to the meeting in the evening.  Often I make a commitment and then regret it but this time I am looking forward to going.  

Donate Life week is coming up in February and I am looking forward to attending the rose planting ceremony on the Sunday morning - the garden it beautiful and very close to the Central Business District and planes fly over and buses and cars speedy by - but to me that is significant as they are so representative of life itself.

The Rose Garden is at Bonython Park and the Ceremony Sunday morning - it is not far from my Home and I often visit the park at other times during the year, the last time being in winter when it was raining and damp.  It was green and beautiful.

I hope you have plans to look forward to and that your life is kind and gentle to you - if you are unwell I wish you better health and a general feeling of well being.  If it is your birthday - then Happy Birthday to you - celebrate your life.

Be kind and gentle to yourselves and be present to the moment - as each moment is to be cherished and stored in memory.  I wish you sunshine in your shadows.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart - a compassionate heart today.

Love and hugs,

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