Sunday, January 15, 2012


Welcome to Sunday - a warm and quiet day in my fair City - a day when I have rested and been back to bed to try to shake a headache and I think I am winning.

I had a busy day yesterday and too much crammed into one day - although both events were special and enjoyed.   I had lunch at the beach with a friend and we shared laughter, tears, cares and friendship - a four hour lunch is great.
Food was good, view from our table was divine over the beach which soothes and calms me.

I did some thinking and this tune came to mind and I realized that I am at times the Stranger on the Shore.  Are there times in your life when you don't know who you are, where you are and what life is all about? 

This weekend has been one of those times for me when I have listened and shared with friends and looked at my own canvas and been a little unsure of what to paint there.

Sleep has helped ease the headache and clear my mind and brought me back to the safe place where I feel secure again. Such huge lessons to learn and that is tiring too.

I had dinner last night with the Farm Family and it was delightful, but I suddenly hit the brick wall where I knew that sleep was needed and I came home, but instead of going to bed I checked my mail and in my fatigued state that was a mistake.  What's done is done but I will learn to listen better to what my body is telling me and go straight to bed.

The children are growing and Henry today is going to have his first visit to the Beach - such an important milestone in a child's life.

Yes she can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

It's got wheels so he loves it.

Family fun time
 - where the kids were the sheep and parents the sheep dogs.

I am planning an early dinner and a very early night because I know the forthcoming heat will sap my energy too - so it's lots of water to drink and a few quiet days for me I think.

I am learning to know the Stranger on my Shore, with all her quirks and funny ways.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a tired heart today, but tomorrow is another day - a "twitchy" day is only a day in my life and shared with those I love the journey is easier, more calm and less strange.

Love and hugs,


Joe said...

How very lovely. You had such a great time. Beach with a friend, Dinner with family...what in this life could be more fantastic. Yes, I can understand how tired you must have become, but it was due to good and positive events....which is always a good thing. I was feeling "twitchy" too, but isn't it wonderful......The music on this blog has just calmed my nerves and I just want to close my eyes and dream of a peaceful day on the beach! Thank you my friend for the blog and the delicious music.....

Joey. The Kangaroo from Kakadu!

Linda J. said...

Thank you and I am glad Aker Bilk was able to soothe your twitchy nerves and I hope that sleep is soon your companion.

Love and hugs,

RellaB said...

oh Linda, this reminds me of my Dad so much. It was one of the pieces we played at his funeral as I am sure you remember. Wish I could have him back for just one more day. RellaB