Saturday, January 14, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Saturday in my little corner of the world where the sun is shining and the sky is blue and there are lots of fluffy white clouds.

I have talked with friends recently about candles and how the light is not diminished by sharing it's light - how that many candles may be lit from one central flame.  

Light is so very important - it's not the darkness we fear, but the things we cannot see there - I feel very blessed to have such "lights" in my life and know that my life is sweeter, richer and more beautiful because of them.

I love candles, although I am very careful with them and aware of the damage an unattended flame can do - but there is nothing more beautiful (or flattering) than sitting in candlelight.   It softens the wrinkles and flatters the skin and makes me feel oh so mellow.

On the journey we take of our lives, we can be a light to so many people - illuminate their darkness by the simplest of things - a smile to a stranger (it may be the only contact he has that day) - a phone call to someone who is "shut in" through illness, a kind word, a helping hand, a shared story and laughter.    So much that takes such little effort but that can mean the world to someone else.

I am off out shortly to lunch with a friend and I intend to let my little light shine, to share laughter, tears and be a listening ear to someone who needs to talk.   I am blessed to live in sunshine, have my car to take me where I need and want to be.   There are days when I don't want to go out - but this isn't one of them.    I shall open the door and be glad to be part of the world today.

I shall share the gift of friendship in real time - I have already shared that over miles and time, laughed and been silly and loved it all.  So today is a good day - a weekend day and a day when the sun is shining literally and also in my heart.

There are days when I want to stay inside and let the world come to me (and it does through my computer and telephone) and on those days I find comfort in the safety of my own little world.

I am glad to share my light with you and I hope you let your "little light shine."

Thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart - an illuminated heart today ~ filled with love and light.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

How very beautiful. You light up so many people across the globe! You are just simply wonderful. You light up my life!