Sunday, January 22, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to another lovely summer Sunday morning - I like Sunday mornings where the world seems to be a little slower and kinder and when people take the time to relax a little more.

I have been up for a while and done lots of reading, replying to mail and staying cool.   I loved this quote above - it made me giggle - Yes there are always warnings but never positive ones and I really liked this.

I have gone back to juicing for breakfast because I just can't come at cereal or toast and this morning my juice was Carrot, Granny Smith Apple, Pear and Sultana Grapes. and it was very yummy,

It is quick and easy to do - then of course comes the cleaning up.  I have lots of lovely and interesting recipes to try and looking forward to finding more - email me any suggestions you have and I will give them a try.  It somehow tastes even better in an over large red wine glass. and with crushed ice is a perfect start to a summer Sunday,

I did a movie with the "Golden Girls" yesterday - George Clooney in "Descendants" - Well done George you did very well as did the young stars of the film.   It was interesting, sad and I found it a little disturbing.  It deserves any awards it receives.  Air conditioned theatre, air conditioned car, George Clooney and an ice cream - perfect way to end a summer Saturday.   I dropped chocolate and when the lights came up they revealed a rather large mess on my white top.
The company is always good and I feel rather proud to have seen two new films in the first week of their release.

Take away meal afterwards from "Barnacle Bills" - very nice but my eyes were bigger than my tummy.   The girls were settling in to watch a DVD when I called "stumps" and came home - it has been a big few days and I needed my bed.   I really love that special feeling of taking my feet off the floor and sliding in between the sheets, head on pillow and the big sigh that goes with it.

So Sunday is being a very quiet relaxing day for me - soft and quiet music and maybe some letter writing late in the day - a day where I am at peace with myself and that is so special.  A day when an afternoon nap may be on the agenda.    The summer heat drains me but so far I am keeping up by living within the boundaries that my new life sets.

I hope that you can find your inner calm and enjoy your Saturday evening/Sunday morning - to those for whom the snow is falling - be sure to stay warm and cosy in your homes and be safe out on the roads if you have to travel.   To those who are enjoying the summer sun - sunblock, sun hat etc. and be careful with water sports.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from My heart and this page has now become just that - no longer a real update on my health - just the musings and sharing of all the things that constantly buzz through my head.  

I send love and care to you, wherever you are in our beautiful world - walk a peaceful path, find joy in the little things and "Whistle a Happy Tune."

Love and hugs,

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