Saturday, January 21, 2012


Good Afternoon from Adelaide, South Australia and welcome to my Saturday afternoon where the sun is shining and the sky is blue but we are forecast rain for the afternoon. It is very warm here in Adelaide and it looks like this hot spell is to continue.

I LOVE politics and all the banter and talk that goes on  - both here in Australia and overseas and over the years I have taken part in many Political Rallies and attended Policy Speeches, demonstrations and the like and right now in the United States there is a huge campaign to see who will reside at

for the next four years.  Will President Obama be a one term President or will he get the second term of Office?  No one knows but the following months are going to be filled with all sorts of Political information and American ears are going to bombarded with "Vote for Me" campaigns.

I must admit that I know more about American Politics and understand more than I have ever done although I have always held a great interest.   Friendship with America has opened my eyes considerably, and "The West Wing" did lots to educate me - and I loved my winter evenings with "C.J." and "Toby".  Those huge rallies and the "campaign bus" and trips all over the country were fascinating to me and this time I could well have two of my girls in United States for Election Day.   My girls will love it and will want to attend a rally of some sort.

Good Luck with your Elections America - our system is very different from yours, but I shall watch with very great interest to see who the next resident of the White House will be.

As happens all over the world it is getting dirty in America with lots of mud slinging - but hey, we are good at that here too.

Dinner for me last night was full of Greek delights - chicken and of course the luscious desert Baklava and lovely coffee - company was good and there was much laughter and discussion about proposed and planned holidays overseas for my kids.    Rebecca and Nick are travelling late March and will spend 11 days in England and Scotland and then off to Europe for Floriade and huge train trips through Europe spending time in Prague and leaving for home from Frankfurt.

Today I caught an early morning news bulletin and learned of the death of Etta James who is singing on this blog today - a very great loss but she leaves a wonderful legacy of incredible and amazing music.   Vale Etta James - Thank you for the Music.

What a whirl my day is being - I am now off to the Movies to see "Descendants" with George Clooney ( he won the Golden Globe for his role in this film - as did Meryl Streep for her role in "Iron Lady".   Air conditioned movie theatre, ice cream and George Clooney - now what else could a girl ask for ?

Have a wonderful day/evening/night and sleep warm and well if you are off to bed soon.  While we toast and roast here in Adelaide I am told it is going to snow overnight in Philadelphia and other parts of USA.   Enjoy some cold for me - I would love it.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart - a heart that is loved and finds content in busier than normal days.

Love and hugs,

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