Friday, January 20, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Friday in a very warm part of Australia - the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  Birds were singing but I suspect that they have found somewhere cool to shelter from the heat.

For me these words are so very true - sunsets never were so bright and the skies never so blue - life is sweet and enjoyable.

I have so much that completes my life - I would not even begin to list the things that bring me joy as there are so many of them.  Life for me is changed - I walk the cliff top knowing that one of two things will happen to me - one that there will be someone there to catch me or that I will be given wings to fly.

My journey has not been an easy one - but the dark grey days are behind me and if I follow the rules of engagement - which are - keep appointments, take medications, abstain from alcohol, keep myself as fit and healthy as I can - then "Oliver" should remain happy and keep me living well.  There are times when I feel rebellious and look at my medication in my hand and think "I don't want to take this" - but then I just do and get on with the next bit.
For me there is the acceptance that my gift of life needs this pills and potions to maintain good health and I "Just Do It"

I wake each morning with wonder in my heart as to what this day will bring for me - and there are tears sometimes (sometimes tears of joy and sometimes tears for the pain I see in others) but most days I manage to "Sparkle and Shine".  I am clearly "In the Pink" and  "Tickled Pink" to be there.

There are some things I don't fully understand, but accept the advice of those in the know and those who care for me - in trust.  There are days when I feel fatigued and know that is part of my life - my life is full of appointments, potions, pills and to stay alive I 

My life is also full of joy, laughter, music and the absolutely magic joy of friendship.  I am alive and well and loving my life.

Family celebration for dinner tonight for birthdays - it will be lovely to be together and the conversation will be loud, disjointed and I will probably sit and just drink in the joy of seeing my family together and being well enough to enjoy that time.    No - that's not quite true - I won't be able to not join in because that's me the "chatterbox" so much better than the days when I couldn't speak a word, nor write notes and the days were filled with questions and head shaking or nodding to achieve any result.

I hope that for you there is sunshine and clear blue sky - and even if not that you are able to put on a happy face.  There is so much in our world that can bring delight to us and feed our souls - Mother Nature wears a beautiful gown and dances on the wind- see the colours, feel the wind and join in the dance.

Friday is here for us in the Southern Hemisphere and will be for those in the Northern Hemisphere soon and while for many of you there will be no sunshine because it is a mid winter day - I hope you are able to make the sun shine in your heart and be thankful for all you have.

I have chosen Rod Stewart to sing for this post  (be still my beating heart) and I wish you love.

Thanks for calling by the Musings from my Heart, a heart filled with the joy of living.

Take special care of yourself and enjoy your love filled life.

Love and hugs,

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RellaB said...

enjoy your birthday celebrations tonight Linda, hope the man of the moment enjoys it too. RellaB