Thursday, January 19, 2012


Welcome to Thankful Thursday on a lovely day in Adelaide, a little warmer than I like, but I have to be fair and allow those who love the summer heat to relish their time in the sun.

Miles and distance ?   10,570 miles may separate me from someone with whom I would like to share dinner, a  Movie,  very good conversation, laughter,  music and a very big squishy hug. But time, distance and space cannot interfere with good friendships and the wonders of our technology mean that we can converse face to face, share music and certainly laughter.

I am thankful for friendship with it's warmth, love and support, encouragement - these things bring such special joys to each day of my life.

I am thankful for the minds which have shaped the technology that we so easily take for granted and which allows us to connect in "real time".  I cannot imagine my life without access to friends in many corners of the world - I can share the photographs of their family and children and see the joy in their faces, see their Christmas decorations and Christmas tree - it is wonderful.

I have told you before that I love email/texting but the ultimate in communication is that voice and eye contact and a letter from your hands to mine - that I can pick up and read again and again and know that your hands have folded the pages.

I have had the extra tables removed from my family room and the crates of Christmas decorations have been "promoted" to the garage and I only have to get the tree into the box and out to the garage and I am done.   Or at least I thought I was - I have just looked up above my desk and found a decoration which clearly says "Merry Christmas"  I wonder how many more of these rebellious little things I will find - those that don't want to be packed away.   Once the tree is packed into it's box I shall then "ride" the vacuum cleaner and life will return to "normal" (whatever that is.)

I hope you are able to make contact with those you love directly, by email, video link up, text and I hope that they know you love them.   We have two birthdays in our family today and I have been in touch with both of those men and offered love and congratulations.

Birthdays are very special times  - a time for the clan to gather and to celebrate life itself.   Celebrate your life, your love, your children and all things special to you.   Life is very beautiful and we are blessed indeed to be able to communicate as we do.

I have managed to fix my printer and that opens another door to me of communication - letters typed and sent over the miles to those who don't communicate by email.  I like letters and surprises in the mail - little things that "Pierce the Darkness" of illness, loneliness and sadness and say things that brighten some one's day.

I have chosen Peter Paul and Mary singing 500 miles for this post for the significance of the word miles.   I will also confess to really enjoying many years with Peter Paul and Mary - in my "Peace Protesting Days" and their music always tugs at my memory.   Enjoy the music and enjoy your day, and know that though miles and miles may  lie between us - you crossed my mind today and I send love and care your way.  Sending hugs on the wind and music so that you may dance.

I am thankful to those who faithfully read The Musings of My Heart  and take the time to comment - you are special and " I would walk 500 miles." 

Sparkle and Shine on this Thankful Thursday. 

Love and hugs,

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