Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday (and it is hard not to count the weeks by Wednesdays, but I am learning) ~ I am learning to very much in this special life I have.

I have got to 64 and still have so much to learn about life, love, friendship and trust.

SMILE someone LOVES you and that's totally worth smiling about ♥ - indeed it is and from that smile friendships grow and bring added dimensions to our lives.   My door is always open to new things and words and questioning are part of my life.   My Dad gave me a firm foundation with an appreciation of words and I truly believe he would be proud of the woman I have become.

I am proud of the woman I have become - but believe me I have had lots of help on my journey.  Help from friends who give of themselves to me in very great trust and then pose the question "Do you trust me"  - my response  "I trust you with my life."

Words are so important and messages, texting and emails are fine, but there is nothing to surpass the face to face interludes where the "Smile on your face lets me know that you need me, there's a truth in your eyes that says you'll never leave me."

The inflections in a voice, the laughter, the hand movements (and oh yes there are lots of those) and the truth in the eyes is amazing.  

"Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing"

Friendship is a very treasured gift and it is very true that few delights can equal the mere presence of one we trust utterly.

Sweet words, beautiful music, a kindly smile are all things that bring joys to my day and the added security of those behind me who support, encourage and mostly understand me and are ready to catch me if I fall.

It is rather cool in my city this morning - winter robe this morning and now warmer clothes, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue and no rain.  Many cities in Australia have rain and snow is even forecast for the High Country and the Ranges in Victoria and New South Wales.  We are a land of many differing climatic conditions - today in Adelaide it is 22 (71) degrees and in Brisbane it is (112) - such extremes.

We are forecast warmer days progressively into next week and of course it will be very hot because it is the "Tour Down Under"  World class cycling event and it is always blisteringly hot for that.   

In spite of the heat the event will continue and the crowds will gather to view and enjoy the event and Adelaide will become "Lycra" City where many many people will don their cycling outfits and be seen to be part of the "event".   I am used to Lycra because I have daughters who cycle most days - Naomi rides into work in the Central Business District and then cycles for pleasure too. 

   There are those, however, who don their Lycra and who really shouldn't - not a pretty sight at times.    They resemble over large sausages stuffed into very tight skins.   hehehehehe.  But if they are happy then that's fine and the Coffee Shops in the City love it because they are out and about on the bikes and stop for coffee very often.   We have very busy months in Adelaide from January through to the end of March with sporting events and Arts Festivals - we were known for a very long time as "The Festival State"  - now we have lots of names "The Rose State" and "The Wine State" are two of the names - my own car registration plates are "South Australia "The Wine State" with pictures of grapes on the plates.  It's a bit ironic as I can no longer drink wine - but my family does very well on my behalf.  

I wish you a lovely day - a day filled with love and laughter and truth - so very very important.  I wish you walks in the park, green lights at traffic, coffee you didn't have to make yourself, a smile from a stranger, a nice fragrance caught on a breeze, warmth and shelter from the storms of life, a safe place to come home to where you know you are loved and that the world is excluded from.

I wish you the truth to face your life with all it's imperfections and yet such special qualities that make it just right for you.

It is a very great honour to have someone speak right to your heart and to feel that their smile makes the clouds lift - I claim that for you too.

Thanks for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a trusting heart.

Love and hugs,


Joe said...

Yes, I do! With my Life!

Linda J. said...

Thank you for speaking right to my heart and for the trust. xxxx