Thursday, February 23, 2012


Welcome to Thursday afternoon in my little corner of the world where the day is hot and windy and the sky is clear blue and beautiful.

Today is Thankful Thursday  ~ what are you thankful for?   I have so much to be thankful for and today I share more news from my Love Your Liver Group - another member who has been struggling with life for months now, got the call and he is currently as I write in surgery receiving the gift of life.   My heart is filled with joy for him, his wife and family and yet there is a sadness there as I think of the Donor Family and their grief.  It is a very noble thing to do and this family whose loved on it having surgery will be eternally grateful.    Congratulations David on your new life and comfort and care to Jeanne who now steps into a different caring role ~ she will be wonderful and a great help to David.   David and Jeanne will be grateful to their Donor family, as it the whole of the group.

Some of my friends are unwell at the moment and that is taking it's toll of them.  Rest easy my dear ones and live well within the limits that sometimes life puts on us.    Take special care and I wish you a speedy return to full health.  Today I am a little less chipper than normal and I know that is because I haven't been drinking enough water ~ steps are in hand to remedy that and there is a new day tomorrow totally untouched and I shall look forward to it.

This is the second last week of summer and I am finding that summer has been relatively mild although the hot weather can often continue into March.   My youngest was born on March 28th. and that was a hot day.

A group of eight friends have plans to take a cruise on the River Murray on March 24th. on a Paddle Steamer ~ we have lunch on board and I am really looking forward to it.  Hoping for a lovely cool day.
This cruise is on a  Paddle Steamer named "Captain Proud."   We board at Murray Bridge which is about an hour from here on the freeway so that will be a long day and I wonder why it is that lots of social functions happen on the same weekend.   I have the cruise on the Friday, an afternoon tea for a 60th. Birthday on the Saturday afternoon and then on the Sunday I have been invited to a cricket match.  Nice to be invited but I shan't be attending the match as I shall be tired from the other two functions. I am learning to live with the constraints that life places on me ~ I have so much to be thankful for. 

Captain Proud

Cliffs along the Murray

Dining room on board.  

It should be a lovely day and a special time for Narelle and Dianne who are bringing their Mums along for the day.
The group will consist of Narelle, Mary (her Mum), Dianne, Janet (her Mum,) Ilona, John, Ray and Me. 
~ what a motley crew - I shall be sure we all take cameras and I have lots of pictures for you .  I am thankful for friends and for being well enough to take on this excursion - I remember very clearly when I would have had to decline the invitation.    I am very thankful.  It will be lovely to have lunch and watch the world go by. 

Wherever you are in this beautiful world, I hope that there is joy in your journey in spite of the ills that beset you.  Sometimes those ills are just our bodies telling us to slow down and take things a little easier than we have been doing.  To learn to crawl before we can walk ~ but when health is good we somehow think we are invincible and do too much.   That's okay as long as we learn from the experience.  There are times when I think I believe I am Wonder Woman and then am suddenly brought to a grinding halt.

On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful to be able to share the wonderful news of David's transplant and the happy times I have planned.  There is certainly joy in my journey and I am also very thankful to you all for visiting the Musings of this heart of mine, which today is very thankful.

What are you thankful for ?

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

ooooo, the cruise sounds just lovely! You will enjoy this I am sure of it.