Friday, February 24, 2012


Welcome to my Friday evening and Friday morning is just arriving in the Northern Hemisphere ~ I hope it is a great day and holds the promise of a wonderful joy filled weekend for you.

This is the last official weekend of our summer and Mother Nature is turning up the heat to celebrate that event  ~ it is hot and we are promised heat for the next two or three days.

Weekends are generally quiet for me and this one will be spent hibernating from the heat.   I do have some shopping I want to do but that will not take long and I shall be back inside as quickly as I can.
I am not a summer girl at all - English born and meant for cooler climes I think.

I am still feeling a little "off colour" so I took myself back to bed this afternoon and slept for two hours ~ a good thing I think but then why do I feel guilty about it ?

Weekends often mean travel for people to visit family and friends, or just to take the opportunity to  get away and spend quality time with a loved one.  The milder February weather in the USA may give many of you the opportunity to do this and I hope you have a wonderful time.     Take care driving on busy roads, enjoy walking in the sunshine, through parks, on the beach and enjoy shopping excursions if that's on your agenda.   Two days isn't long, but it can give just enough time and space to refresh, restore and re find yourself and your loved one.   I am a born romantic and I like to think of happy, close and warm times away from the stresses that life has been piling on people.  Take the time, make the time and celebrate life and love.

I know some of you have been unwell and to you I say take care and get lots of rest so that you can start a new week with new zest and zeal.   

I start a week of back to routine blood tests and clinic visits - no complaints from me - I have had three months away from it all and I am hoping for at least the same time between my next visit.  I shall accept graciously what I am told, but I live in hope.  I always get a little "twitchy" when it comes to clinic times and that is something I am working on and trying to not let happen.   My blood pressure often goes sky high (white coat syndrome I think).   

I have a wonderful healthy life and I am thankful, but I guess in the mind of each transplant recipient lives the fear that things may go wrong and there is that dreaded word "rejection" ~ it lurks in the shadows for all of us.   

I shall have my bloods taken early Monday morning and then take my car in for servicing - kind of service time for me too.  !!

I am promising myself an early night, but time just gets away some times and suddenly I am lost in a myriad and maze of words and three hours have passed.  

I have so much for which I am grateful and as I have said before the wonder of the Internet brings great joy to me and fills my hours with gladness.  I am able to write, Blog, have contact through groups and even talk face to face with those I love.   It is amazing to be able to see tired eyes and hear the peals of laughter and almost step over distance.  Telephone calls are wonderful, but to see the faces is extra special.   When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he sure started long distance communication - no more cans and string and no more smoke signals.  We are blessed indeed.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this slightly melancholy heart today ~ your visits are special and I am glad you call by and you were always on my mind. 

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

Melancholy, but why o why? You will be fine on Monday. Your bloods will be as perfect as you are sweetheart. I know it. You have been doing wonderful. Out and about and living life. Everyone is so proud of you! Chase those storm clouds away. You don't need them anymore. Positive Energy Love and Light!