Thursday, February 2, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Thankful Thursday and I have so much to be thankful for - a quiet home, a blue sky, sunshine, a cool breeze, nice coffee and soooooooo much more.

I have the freedom to come and go as I please and the opportunity to become as involved or not involved with things dear to me and that is happening for me at the moment.    Two years post transplant and I am feeling well enough to step outside my circle and take part in other things.
We attended a Transplant Australia Meeting here in Adelaide last night and it brought me great joy to meet with Chris Thomas (CEO of Transplant Australia ) and a group of like minded people, keen and eager to promote all facets of organ and tissue donation and transplant.

I met a lady who was Liver transplant number 18 at Flinders and I was number 194 - it was a nice connection.  There was laughter, good discussion and great coffee.   I have undertaken to be part of a group for "brain storming" ideas and it will involve meetings which I love.   I actually enjoy meetings and good discussion - and of course couldn't and didn't keep my mouth closed,

I also had the opportunity to express my thanks for the positioning of the Memorial Rose Garden here in Adelaide.    It is right on the edge of a big arterial road into the city along which travels the tram and buses and it is also on a flight path to Adelaide Airport.   During last year's ceremony I became aware of just how significant the positioning is - it is right in the middle of "life" and that's what transplant is all about.

During the meeting last night as part of the introduction we shared if we were South Australian born and bred and Chris Thomas mentioned his connection to Pinaroo in South Australia and it is the next town in the Mallee to Lameroo (where John's family have connections) and that the family name in his line was O'Loughlin.     I received a phone call this morning from Chris who has checked out the family tree and John and Chris are indeed related - and I think I have it worked out that his Grandfather and John's Father were cousins.  What a small world and this is often the case in sleepy old Adelaide.

It was a great evening after a busy afternoon of attending an appointment and today has left me tired but I am thankful that I don't have a busy day and can rest if needed.

I am thankful today for the opportunity to talk with someone and share the load a bit and to laugh a little too but especially I am thankful for the joy he is feeling right now as he waits for the mail.
I share that joy and the hope that lives within his heart.

Sharing joys and sorrows, cares and woes is a good thing - it allows expressions and having shared, to perhaps let things go and the joys bring joy to others and that is certainly a blessing.

I have just come back inside from chasing laundry round the garden - very strong gust of wind took some of it off the line and I got silly and giggly as I chased it around.   Laughter is something for which I am always thankful for and the ability to laugh at myself - a learned skill which is great.

As I close this post for today - I wish you an easing of your pain, someone to share your joys and sorrows with and some silliness to make your soul smile.

Life, with all its ups and downs is still very beautiful and the joy is in the journey. 

Thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart and for sharing my joys and sorrows, love from my heart to yours - I have a giggly thankful heart today.

Please remember to sparkle and shine.

Love and hugs,

*** I try to be all of the things mentioned on the clipping at the top of this page............ bold, proper, thankful, crazy, punctual, daring, spontaneous, loving, random, classy, original, loud, adorable, unique, kooky and I hope I can be beautiful (from the inside.)

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