Friday, February 3, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to my Friday afternoon - the morning has just flown by and I have no idea where it has gone or what I have achieved.  The sky is cloud filled and the temperature is warm, but it is still a very pleasant summer day.   February can often be our hottest month so days like today are very welcome.

I have had a few quiet days and tidied up a filing cabinet (still more to do) but I have been through the lovely stationery I collect along the way and found that I have enough Christmas stationery to last quite a few years.  I did find some nice paper with little koalas on it and I know exactly what I plan to use that for.

Friday is here already and January already gone - it has been a good  ~ no ~ a great week for me with lots of interesting and exciting things happening for me.

My impending involvement with Transplant Australia is already grabbing my attention and keeping my head buzzing - but several other nice things have happened for me this week too.,  I have received mail both electronic and real mail.   Electronically I received these lovely photographs of my "Transplant Nephew" Tayden who is growing like a mushroom and looking so well.  He is eight months old and doing all the right things. 

Real mail arrived this morning when the postman knocked on my door with a parcel from my cousin in Melbourne and it was a real treasure trove - just lots of little bits and pieces.  Three Christmas tree decorations - (beautifully beaded), a little sewing kit which I shall keep in the glove box of my car, a book mark with the words  "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." and lastly a packed of tea bags so we can have a cup of tea "together"   It was delightful.

This morning I collected from the Post Office a package which contained the newly released book "The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi" and is a compilation of a nation's reaction and response to the dreadful cyclone of 2011.   A poem I wrote at the time is included in this and I am pleased and proud to be one of the 46 contributors to this book.

The Cover of the book

My profile in the book.
So not only am I published but I am "cover girl" too  - and it is the culmination of many dreams, believing in myself and keeping hope in my heart.

It is delightful to share my joys with you and for me to share your joys too and I do - please know that I celebrate every little milestone and triumph with you and stand with you when because of your hopes and dreams there is sometimes doubt in your heart.   "Keep your eye upon the hedgerow and not upon the thorn."  

Many of you have walked this journey with me over many years and over the time when everything went on hold because I was hardly well enough to keep going and writing was something that just had to be put aside and I am thankful for your continued support.  To those of you who have come later to my writing - blessings to you for your love and support.

The sun is shining in my world both in my heart and literally and I hope that in some form you can have sunshine in your day - literally is lovely - but open your heart to let in the sunshine of music, poetry, friendship, love and life in and cherish all the joy it brings.

For those waiting for something special - I am here to listen and support you.  I have several friends who are in end stage liver disease and desperately need a transplant and for you I pray for calm and peace as you wait until your gift arrives.  To my friends who have, like I have, already had a transplant - cherish the gift that now lives in you and keep your donor spirit alive.  Do the right thing, advocate for organ and tissue donation, and hold in trust your gift.

I am grateful to be well enough to perhaps do a movie with the "Golden Girls" at the weekend - sounds like fun to me.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart this Friday - love and hugs from a thankful heart.



Joe said...

What a great posting! I love the profile in the book. Now - since you are published - you just must start writing on your poetry book! One day, I may be standing in line at Barnes and Noble on Madison Avenue in NY waiting for a signed autographed copy from the Author! I would just love that! The pictures of Tate are precious for sure!.

Linda J. said...

Thank you my dear friend - don't count on Barnes and Noble in New York, but still hold on to the dream with me and for me. Baby steps and the first one has been taken.

Love and hugs, Linda. xxx