Monday, February 13, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to my little corner of the world where Monday morning has arrived with clear blue sky, no wind and the promise of sunshine and 30 degrees (that's 86 Fahrenheit for our northern hemisphere friends).  It is a delightful morning and quiet too.  A peaceful time for me.

Monday is often a dreaded time for many people because it heralds the start of the working week and back to the old routine ~ it is just another day the same as age is just a number.  It will be what you make it - things may go wrong but your attitude and how you handle them will determine how you will look back and assess the day when night time comes for you.   For those of you still hanging on to Sunday enjoy the rest of your day and evening  and try to look forward to your Monday.

It IS just another day - or we can adopt the attitude that it IS ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY and we can try to fill it with the  beautiful things that are there all the time if we can but see them.

There are many small acts of kindness that will turn the day around for people ~ a smile, a kind word, caring enough to ask how they are, offering love and support for those who struggle.   It is early in my day and I have already spoken with two people who are struggling with illness in their family and whose hearts are sore and troubled.   It is very difficult for those who love us to watch us suffer either by direct illness or by coping with the illness of a loved one.

People don't always react the way that we would and that frustrates us too - I understand that very well - I see the world as kind and caring, people as loving and giving and that's how I want it to be ~ but in reality it is not always that way and I am learning that life is difficult for everyone at some stage.

Yesterday I was invited to the Movies with the "Girls" and tossed the idea around for a while and then decided Yes I would go - it is always lovely to be out and about with them, but the gut feeling I had about the Movie turned out to be true and I will follow that gut feeling next time.  The Movie was THE SAFE HOUSE and starred Denzel Washington and was very violent and full of action from go to whoa.  If you are looking for an action movie - this could well be it.  I was astounded how young some of the children attending were as I felt it was not a film for children.

Although, seeing children at the Theatre did remind me of when my children were young and I wanted to protect them from the world.   We were very strict in what they were allowed to view on television and I was involved with the Children's Film and Television Commission - and "Wonder Woman" was not on the schedule for watching.   I arrived at Kindergarten one day to find Rebecca in tears and to find out that the tears were brought about because the kids were playing "Wonder Woman" and she didn't know how to play.   By wanting to protect her I had exposed her to ridicule from her peers and there were lessons learned there for me.

Always lessons to be learned, understood and valued and always part of our journey and there can be joy in the lessons too as well as in the journey.

To those dealing with illness and stress of a loved one - while they are away, in hospital etc. take time to refresh and restore - you will need your strength for coming days.

Yes, it's Monday and Yes, it's Okay  !

Some special joy for me in that news of a friend's pending arrival on Tuesday 21st. for a six week stay with my friend Narelle - looking forward to many "Mary" smiles.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit the Musings of this caring heart - a heart concerned for those she loves.

Love and hugs,

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